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Explore the table of contents

Take a peek at the table of contents to see what you can expect from Strategy.

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Part 1: Define strategy meaning, process, and outcomes
          1. Interpreting Strategy
          2. A Process-Practice Model of Strategy
          3. Strategic Decision-Making in Organizations

Part 2: Debate how to scope, compete, and perform
          4. Corporate Strategy and Structure 
          5. Strategies for Achieving Competitive Advantage
          6. Functional Strategy and Performance 

Part 3: Enhance knowledge of context and options
          7. Strategic Organization: Purpose, Values, and Culture
          8. External Environment: Macro, Industry and Competitive Settings
          9. Internal Environment: Resources, Capabilities and Activities

Part 4: Shape strategy to context and objectives
        10. Strategies for Growth
        11. Innovation, Disruption and Digitalisation
        12. Competing in a Globalized World
        13. Sustainability and Strategy

Part 5: Activate strategy and learn from experience
        14. Leading Strategic Change
        15. Designing Effective Strategy Activities
        16. Strategy-in-Practice: Learning, Reflecting, Thinking

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