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Crane, Matten, Glozer, and Spence Prize

Oxford University Press has launched the Crane, Matten, Glozer, and Spence Prize to be awarded to the student in your department who has made the most significant achievement in the area of business ethics. Winners will receive £100 of OUP books, and we will donate a further £50 of books to BookAid.

In awarding this prize, OUP is delighted to be able to reward your most promising students in this important subject area and to give back to the global community on their behalf. 

How can my department claim this prize for one of our students?

1. Discuss with your colleagues how the Crane, Matten, Glozer, and Spence Prize would be best used within your department.
2. Choose your winning student.
3. Email us with the name of your winning student and a postal address at which they can be contacted - this can be the student's personal address or your departmental address.
4. We will contact you to confirm your nomination and write to the student to explain how they can claim their £100 worth of OUP books.

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How can my university take part?
Lecturers interested in making the Crane, Matten, Glozer, and Spence prize available to their students should first consult their colleagues to decide how the prize would be best used.
The prize is only awarded to each institution once annually, so it is important that there is a consensus within the department about the criteria for awarding the prize before any nominations are submitted.

How are the winners chosen?
Winners are chosen entirely at the discretion of the individual department. The prize can be awarded to any business student who the department feels has made the most significant achievement within the area of business ethics. This can be taken from course work or as part of an examination. If departments prefer, the prize can be split between two exceptional students.
The prize is awarded to each institution once annually in either the first or second semester, depending on the preference of the institution.

What do I do once I've picked my winner?
Once you've picked the name of your winner please contact us.
The winning student will be sent a letter congratulating them on their achievement and explaining how they can claim their prize. This can be sent either direct to the student's address or care of the university - whichever is preferred.