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    • Have you seen Peter Scott's new accounting textbooks?

Have you seen Peter Scott's new accounting textbooks?

In March 2018, OUP published Introduction to Accounting by Peter Scott. This November and December we will be publishing two new accounting textbooks, Introduction to Financial Accounting and Introduction to Management Accounting, both by Peter Scott.

Read on to see the latest information on our two new accounting textbooks, such as key features, sample chapters, and how they aid with your teaching.

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Sample chapters now available to read

To give you a preview of the range of content covered in both Introduction to Management Accounting and Introduction to Financial Accounting we’ve made one chapter available from each title.

Introduction to Financial Accounting includes two full chapters and an online case study on the critical topic of double-entry bookkeeping, helping guide students towards a solid understanding.

Click here to read the first chapter on Double-Entry Bookkeeping.

From Introduction to Management Accounting, chapter 4 on ‘Relevant Costs, Marginal Costing and Short-term Decision Making’ is now available to preview.

Click here to read chapter four on Relevant Costs, Marginal Costing and Short-term Decision Making.


Research-Aligned Pedagogy

The pedagogical framework used in Peter Scott’s accounting textbooks was developed with the latest findings from educational research in mind. It utilises methods that have been proven effective in helping students to engage with and get the most from written content.

We’ve put together guides for you to explore the research-aligned pedagogy in both Introduction to Financial Accounting and Introduction to Management Accounting. Click on the images below to find out more.


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A wealth of online resources

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The range of online resources available with Introduction to Financial Accounting and Introduction to Management Accounting are provided through our online resources and Dashboard, OUP’s own learning and assessment tool, or downloaded into your university's local VLE.

Students will have free access to the online resources that include over 1,500 interactive and multiple choice questions, Excel-based exercises, and video content. These are designed to work alongside the textbook to aid revision of key topics or consolidate learning. The 'Go back over this again' features also contain a mix of further examples with the 'Show me how to do it' videos providing practical demonstrations of dealing with more complex accounting tasks.

Lecturer resources include PowerPoint slides, examples and solutions, and hundreds of ready-to-use multiple-choice questions, all arranged by chapter. You can choose to make the online materials available to your students via Dashboard and use the sophisticated analytics to measure student achievement and engagement with the resources, also facilitating discussions and course updates.

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