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Oxford Biology Primers

Oxford Biology Primers

Published in partnership with the Royal Society of Biology, the Oxford Biology Primers series introduces prospective and current students of undergraduate-level bioscience to a broad range of topics from this dynamic experimental science.

The books in the series feature:

  • Scientific approach panels to help students understand a little more about how we know what we know;
  • Case studies to explore how a particular concept is relevant to everyday life, or provide an intimate picture of one aspect of the science described;
  • Bigger picture panels to help students think about some of the issues and challenges associated with the topic under discussion for example, ethical considerations, or wider impacts on society.

More than anything, the Oxford Biology Primers reveal to readers the awe-inspiring variety and intricacy of biology, and inspire students to explore the subject further for themselves.

Choose the right Oxford Biology Primers for your students...

For 16-19 year olds studying the biosciences

These primers aim to extend students’ knowledge and inspire them to take their school-level learning further.

They explore topics that are familiar from the curriculum and also introduce new ideas, giving students a first taste of the study of biology beyond school-level and demonstrating how concepts frequently encountered at school are relevant to and applied in current research.

These are the ideal texts to support students who are considering making the transition from studying biology at school to university.

For students embarking on a bioscience degree

These primers review the essential biological concepts that underpin any programme of more advanced study, and give early-stage undergraduates the opportunity to review topics about which they may feel under-prepared or less confident.

For mid-upper level bioscience undergraduates

These primers introduce students to topics at the forefront of the subject that are being applied to probe biological problems, or to address the most pressing issues facing society.

These topics will include those that form the cornerstone of contemporary research, helping students to make the transition to active researcher.