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Bioscience Teaching Innovation Case Study Archive

Among the criteria for the award is the requirement that candidates “exhibit innovation in relation to teaching that has proven to improve teaching practices and enhance student learning.”

Below you can explore the archive of all finalists’ case studies in teaching innovation, as presented to our panel of judges.


Winner: Dr Nigel Francis, Swansea University Medical School: Using videos and interactive simulations to enhance the learning experience

Dr David Lewis, University of Leeds: The Capstone Experience

Dr Helen Vosper, Robert Gordon University: Putting the education science into bioscience education


Winner: Dr Sue Jones, York St John University: Transforming Student Outcomes – the Holistic Grail

Dr Alfred Thumser, University of Surrey: Mind the Gap - Improving Assessment Literacy in a Cohort of Level 5 Bioscience Students

Peter Klappa, University of Kent, Canterbury: Live-streaming of lectures to YouTube


Winner: Dr David Smith, Sheffield Hallam University: Communicating with the Silent Majority

Dr David Martin, University of Dundee: Run, Pause, Rewind: Increasing Student Agency Through Video Led Workshops 

Professor Kevin O'Dell, University of Glasgow: Genetics? No Problem!


Winner: Dr Dominic Henri, University of Hull To believe is to be able: a study of developing self-efficacy in undergraduate biologists at the University of Hull

Dr Paul Johns, St George's Medical School Case study describing the development of a novel kinaesthetic method for understanding and teaching the complex biomechanics of eye movemements

Dr Mark Steer, University of the West of England Teaching with impact: the use of live briefs to develop skills and confidence


Winner: Dr Ian Turner, University of Derby Lecture Theatre Pantomime: Fun learning is better learning

Dr Sarah Gretton, University of Leicester Using real-world problems to teach Biosciences within an interdisciplinary framework

Professor Kevin Moffat, University of Warwick Science Communication


Winner: Dr Katharine Hubbard, University of Hull With a little help from my friends: The power of building partnerships with students

Dr Kevin Coward, University of Oxford Problem-Based Learning in the Development of Laboratory Teaching Skills

Dr Lesley Morrell, University of Hull Enhancing feedback, reducing marking


Winner: Dr Mark Clements, University of Westminster Enhancing higher education in biosciences through co-creation

Dr Alan Cann, University of Leicester Skills development through authentic assessment

Dr Dave Lewis, University of Leeds Students as partners: Extracurricular opportunities to enhance student learning in the Biosciences

Dr Sohag Saleh, Imperial College London Enhancing practical teaching with patient-based, interactive, online practical sessions


Winner: Dr Nick Freestone, Kingston University Improving student performance across the ability range

Dr Peter Klappa, University of Kent Providing Effective Feedback

Dr Heather McQueen, University of Edinburgh PeerWisdom: Collaborative online Learning in Biology


Winner: Professor Tim Birkhead, University of Sheffield APS327 "History and Philosophy of Science": a third-year course

Dr Chris Willmott, University of Leicester Teaching bioethics via the production of student-generated videos

Dr Anne Goodenough, University of Gloucestershire Improving Students' Bioscience Skills: From Education to Employability

Dr Jane Saffell, Imperial College London Story of a Paper

Dr Elizabeth Sheffield, University of Manchester Group eposters - an enjoyable tool to engage first year undergraduates


Winner: Dr Neil Morris, University of Leeds Enhancing education using technology

Dr Momna Hejmadi, University of Bath Learning across cultures: Engaging international students in biotechnology & enterprise

Dr Dave Lewis, University of Leeds Preparing Students for Career in Scientific Research: Educating the Next Generation of Invivo Scientists

Dr Roger Lock, University of Birmingham Teaching aids in pre-service teacher education