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Your Country, My Country

A Unified History of the United States and Canada

Robert Bothwell

August 2017

ISBN: 9780190840815

432 pages

Price: £23.49



Canada is usually seen in the United States as cold, worthy, safe and rather dull, and the United States is seen in Canada as a land of unparalleled opportunity and unparalleled failure, a country of heights and abysses. Exceptional Americans argues that Canadians and Americans resemble each other more than either would care to admit.

  • Offers a chronological comparative history of both Canada and the United States, with new insights for readers on both sides of the border
  • Addresses political, economic, cultural, social, and other aspects of history
  • Written by a senior historian of Canadian-US relations

About the Author(s)

Robert Bothwell, Gluskin Professor of Canadian History, University of Toronto

Robert Bothwell is the Gluskin Professor of Canadian History at the University of Toronto. He has written numerous books on Canadian-American relations and international history, including The Penguin History of Canada and Alliance and Illusion: Canada and the World, 1945-1984.

Table of Contents

    Ch 1: Exceptional America: Sovereignties in Northern North Americans
    Ch 2: Exceptional Americans
    Ch 3: 1783-1815
    Ch 4: Postwar, 1815-1854
    Ch 5: A Colonial Nation, Its Neighbor, and Its Empire
    Ch 6: 1891-1914
    Ch 7: World War I
    Ch 8: Interwar
    Ch 9: Convergences, 1939-1949
    Ch 10: The Cold War, 1949-1979
    Ch 11: Unexpected Destinations
    Ch 12: Something Old, Something New
    Ch 13: Back to the Future?


"Bothwell writes of these two nations always clearly and sometimes with wry humor; he is a pleasure to read."-CHOICE"

"Robert Bothwell's ambitious dual history of the United States and Canada throws familiar episodes and figures into new light."-Nathan M. Greenfield, Times Literary Supplement "

"Valuable, ambitious, and fascinating....Canadians as well as Americans are both inheritors of what F. Scott Fitzgerald cast as the 'fresh, green breast of the new world' whose discovery was 'the last and greatest of all human dreams.' What its inhabitants have done with it so far, in somewhat different ways while still inhabiting the same essential culture, is Bothwell's fascinating story.” -Jeremy Kinsman, Literary Review of Canada" -Jeremy Kinsman, Literary Review of Canada"

"“One could say that reciprocity is still the watchword of North American relations. Mr. Bothwell has produced a page-turner on the subject. Two grateful nations should thank him.”-David M. Shribman, Wall Street Journal "

"“Unlike much academic history, [t]his book is one that is actually a pleasure to read.”-Asa McKercher, H-Diplo "