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Workbook in Organic Chemistry

Michael Cook and Philippa Cranwell

16 February 2017

ISBN: 9780198729518

128 pages

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Price: £24.99

The Workbooks in Chemistry series takes a worked example led approach to help undergraduate students develop the problem-solving skills they need to excel in their studies - and beyond. To request sample material from this title, contact your local rep using the "Find your rep" button above.



The Workbooks in Chemistry series takes a worked example led approach to help undergraduate students develop the problem-solving skills they need to excel in their studies - and beyond.

  • Written specifically to take students beyond the rote learning of facts to being able to solve novel chemical problems for themselves
  • Carefully-explained worked examples provide a framework that sets out the strategy for tackling problems
  • Full solutions online enable students to check their work as they progress to enhance attainment
  • Questions of varying difficulty - including synoptic questions that draw on concepts that cross topic boundaries - encourage students to achieve more
  • A range of learning features - including hints and comments from the authors - provide additional advice and guidance to build confidence quickly, and help students to avoid common pitfalls

About the Author(s)

Michael Cook, Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Department of Pharmacy, University of Hertfordshire, and Philippa Cranwell, Teaching Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Reading

Dr Philippa Cranwell is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Reading, specialising in organic chemistry and chemistry education. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Southampton, her PhD studies at the University of Cambridge and postdoctoral work at ETH in Zürich, Switzerland. Her current research focusses on developing new synthetic methods, as well as reactions suitable for the undergraduate laboratory. ; Dr Michael Cook is a Lecturer in Pharmaceutics in the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Hertfordshire. He is a member of the Topical Drug Delivery and Toxicology research centre, and specialises in the development of polymeric materials for drug delivery. He was awarded his PhD by the University of Reading.

Table of Contents

    3:Nucleophilic Substitution
    4:Elimination Reactions
    5:Reactions of unsaturated compounds
    6:Aromatic Chemistry
    7:Carbonyl Chemistry


"If only this book had existed during my first year, it would have made the task of studying so much easier! The workbook provides a blended balance between detail and simplicity, in a way that other books fail to match." - Matthew-John Tully, University of Bangor

"Having lots of examples to work through really helps you cement your learning, and is fantastic preparation for exams and further studies." - Adam Stubbs, Newcastle University

"I wish I had these books when I started at university. So many relevant examples are worked through, and the solutions to the examples are descriptive instead of just being a simple answer, which makes learning much easier." - Michelle Rasmussen, University of Roskilde

"The comments and worked examples are fantastic and make the book particularly useful. As a student you can never have enough worked examples or questions to try so a workbook is a great way to enhance what you are given in your course." - Rebecca Snelgrove, Keele University

"I like the book. It has very clear structure, everything is nicely in sections and boxes with good illustrations. It assumes little knowledge and will be accessible to most readers while covering advanced topics as well. Adam Prada, University of Cambridge"

"The text covers many of the areas that I have had problems with at A-level and at university level, making it very useful to students in the transition between the two." - Felix Rummel, University of Manchester

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