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We Now Know

Rethinking Cold War History

John Lewis Gaddis

12 March 1998

ISBN: 9780198780717

438 pages

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Did the Soviet Union want world revolution? Why did the USSR send missiles to Cuba? What made the Cold War last as long as it did? Drawing on new sources and scholarship, John Lewis Gaddis presents a comprehensive comparative history of the conflict from its origins, to its most dangerous moment, the Cuban Missile Crisis. A fresh, thought-provoking and powerfully argued reassessment of the Cold War by one of its most distinguished historians, We Know Now will set the agenda for debates on this subject for years to come.

  • Written by the pre-eminent authority on the United States and the Cold War.
  • The book stands as a powerful vindication of US policy throughout this period, and provides intriguing insights into the character of Joseph Stalin, portrayed as the primary instigator of Cold War tensions.
  • Written from a unique vantage point the end of the Cold War, and from a truly international perspective.
  • The book utilizes a wealth of new information from previously unavailable Soviet and Chinese sources.
  • Endorsement from Lawrence Freedman, Department of War Studies, King's College, London:
  • 'John Gaddis has long been the master of Cold War history. He has now taken advantage of recent scholarship and, particularly, the new Soviet and Chinese material which has only recently become available. The result is the fullest and most thoughtful account to date of those critical years.'

About the Author(s)

John Lewis Gaddis, Robert Lovett Professor of History, Yale University

Table of Contents

    1:Dividing the World
    2:Cold War Empires: Europe
    3:Cold War Empires: Asia
    4:Nuclear Weapons and the Early Cold War
    5:The German Question
    6:The Third World
    7:Economics, Ideology, and Alliance Solidarity
    8:Nuclear Weapons and the Escalation of the Cold War
    9:The Cuban Missile Crisis
    10:The New Cold War History: First Impressions
    Notes, Bibliography, Index


"'A masterly review of the early phases of the conflict between the United States, Russia, China and their respective allies...it is clear, thorough and judicious; in short, magnificent.'" - The Economist Review

"'A new narrative of the first half of the Cold War up to the Cuban missile crisis...We Know Now is an important book. It deserves a wide readership.'" - Taylor Downing, The Observer