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Vertebrate Life

Tenth edition

F. Harvey Pough and Christine M. Janis

July 2018

ISBN: 9781605356075

624 pages

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Price: £138.99

Blends information about anatomy, physiology, ecology, and behaviour to present vertebrates within an evolutionary context. If you are a lecturer interested in adopting this title for your course, please contact your Oxford representative to arrange a local price.



Published by Sinauer Associates, an imprint of Oxford University Press.

Widely praised for its comprehensive coverage and exceptionally clear writing style, this best-selling text explores how the anatomy, physiology, ecology, and behaviour of animals interact to produce organisms that function effectively in their enviroments, and how lineages of organisms change through evolutionary time.

  • Each chapter includes discussion questions, and suggested answers to the questions are included in the online resources for Instructors
  • About a dozen literature citations useful for students are provided at the end of each chapter
  • Taxon-specific conservation issues are discussed in each chapter that treats extant forms
  • The website includes chapter-by-chapter bibliographies listing all of the sources the authors consulted in preparing the 10th edition

About the Author(s)

F. Harvey Pough, Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Christine M. Janis, Professor Emerita / Honorary Professor of Earth Sciences, Brown University / University of Bristol

F. Harvey Pough is Professor Emeritus at Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA. Christine M. Janis is Professor Emerita at Brown University in the USA.

Table of Contents

    1:Evolution, Diversity, and Classification of Vertebrates
    2:What Is a Vertebrate?
    3:Jawless Vertebrates and the Origin of Jawed Vertebrates
    4:Living in Water
    5:Geography and Ecology of the Paleozoic Era
    6:Radiation and Diversification of Chondrichthyes
    7:Extant Chondrichthyans
    8: Radiation and Diversity of Osteichthyes
    9: Extant Bony Fishes
    10:Origin and Radiation of Tetrapods
    11:Extant Amphibians
    12:Living on Land
    13:Geography and Ecology of the Mesozoic Era
    14:Synapsids and Sauropsids
    15:Ectothermy: A Low-Energy Approach to Life
    19:Mesozoic Diapsids: Dinosaurs and Others
    20:Endothermy: A High-Energy Approach to Life
    21:The Origin and Radiation of Birds
    22:Extant Birds
    23:Geography and Ecology of the Cenozoic Era
    24:Synapsida and the Evolution of Mammals
    25:Extant Mammals
    26:Primate Evolution and the Emergence of Humans, by Sergi Lopez-Torres

Additional Resources

For Instructors

Extensive online resources include: downloadable figures from the book in both JPEG and PPT formats, answers to discussion questions, and an instructor's guide to active learning exercises.

For Students

Accompanying resources for students include: active learning exercises, references, news links, and video links.