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Vergil's Aeneid: The Essential Books

Translation, Introduction, and Notes by Barry B. Powell

17 September 2015

ISBN: 9780190204969

272 pages

Price: £9.99



  • Free verse translation, with a modern idiom
  • Art program and on-page notes make this book unique and stand out from the competition
  • Introduction by Powell sets the poem in its philological, mythological, and historical context
  • Only translation to provide on-page notes that explain obscure literary and historical references
  • Both antiquity and other periods for key passages in each of the epics 12 books. Each illustration is accompanied by an extensive caption
  • Art program that lightens the text and educates the students in the history of western art by presenting a single topic as represented over 2,000 years
  • Five maps-the most of any available translation-provide geographic context for the poem's many place names
  • Includes a timeline of Roman history and a genealogical chart
  • Books 3 and 5 are omitted from the Essentials version

About the Author(s)

Translation, Introduction, and Notes by Barry B. Powell, Halls-Bascomb Professor of Classics Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Barry B. Powell is the Halls-Bascom Professor of Classics Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he taught for thirty-four years. His translations of the Iliad (2013) and the Odyssey )2014) were also published by Oxford University Press.

Table of Contents

    , List of Maps and Figures
    , Foreword
    , Acknowledgments
    , About the Translator
    , Maps
    , Timeline of Roman History Through Augustus
    , Genealogical Chart
    Book 1: The Shores of Africa
    Book 2: The Fall of Troy
    Book 4: The Death of Dido
    Book 6: Descent into the Underworld
    Book 7: The Seeds of War (lines 1-121; 230-389; 659-end)
    Book 8: The Shield of Aeneas (lines 1-176; 352-end)
    Book 9: Turnus Besieges the Trojan Camp (lines 151-391)
    Book 10: The Deaths of Pallas, Lausus, and Mezentius (lines 1-116; 408-552; 626-end)
    Book 11: The Mourning for Pallas and the Glory of Camilla (lines 416-?)
    Book 12: The Death of Turnus (lines 384-end)
    , Bibliography
    , Credits
    , Index/Glossary


"Powell's translation roves with the lows and highs of Vergil's Latin, matching the poem's emotive and stylistic variations turn for turn. With rich visual illustrations and explanatory notes on nearly every page, Powell's Aeneid offers a full immersion into the mythological and political workings of the poem: in short, a book both good to think with, and good to teach with." - Kirk Freudenburg, Yale University

"Powell's translation does more than just allow the Latin-less reader to appreciate the artistry of Vergil; it gives a glimpse into why we are still reading Vergil and why this 'handbook of empire'" - with all of the attendant ambiguities and complexities of that phrase