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J. S. Mill
Edited by Roger Crisp

January 1998

ISBN: 9780198751632

168 pages

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Oxford Philosophical Texts

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Introduction to one of the most important, controversial, and suggestive works of moral philosophy ever written.



John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism is one of the most important, controversial, and suggestive works of moral philosophy ever written. Published in the Oxford Philosophical Texts series, this new edition of Mill's key text has been designed to suit both the beginning and more advanced student. The text is supplemented by an extensive editorial introduction, an analysis of the text, substantial endnotes, suggestions for further reading, and a full bibliography.

  • Part of important new series
  • Uses the latest edition of the text published in Mills lifetime.
  • Pedagogical features unique to this edition:
  • a substantial, clear, readable introduction covering Mills life and thought and discussing the text generally;
  • a feature on How to Use this Book;
  • a comprehensive Bibliography;
  • analysis of the text;
  • endnotes covering the text in detail.

About the Author(s)

J. S. Mill

Edited by Roger Crisp, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, St Anne's College, Oxford

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Introductory Material
    How to Use this Book
    A Note on References and Abbreviations
    Editor's Introduction
    1:What Questions is Mill Trying to Answer?
    2:What are the Alternatives to Utilitarianism?
    3:John Stuart Mill and Utilitarianism
    5:Forms of Utilitarianism
    6:Levels of Moral Thinking
    7:Moral Epistemology and the Proof of Utilitarianism
    8:Moral Motivation
    9:The Separateness of Persons: Integrity and Justice
    Further Reading
    The Text Printed in this Edition
    Analysis of Utilitarianism
    Part 2: The Text
    1:General Remarks
    2:What Utilitarianism Is
    3:Of the Ultimate Sanction of the Principle of Utility
    4:Of What Sort of Proof the Principle of Utility is Susceptible
    5:On the Connexion Between Justice and Utility
    Part 3: Notes, Bibliography, and Index
    Notes to Utilitarianism

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