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Todd & Wilson's Textbook on Trusts & Equity

Twelfth Edition

Sarah Wilson

April 2015

ISBN: 9780198726258

536 pages

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Price: £39.99

A trusted and stimulating black-letter approach to trusts and equity, firmly student-focused, and offering a unique perspective on trusts in a commercial context.



Written in an enthusiastic and student-friendly style, Todd & Wilson's Textbook on Trusts & Equity explains the basic principles and rules of trusts law in a clear and unintimidating way. The book delivers focused, intellectually stimulating content, and gives in-depth coverage of the key areas taught on the undergraduate course.

  • A trusted and manageable black-letter text that focuses on students' needs and reflects the coverage of the majority of trusts courses
  • Clearly written and including reference to a wealth of further resources, this book succeeds in being both a highly accessible and stimulating introduction to the subject
  • Offers a unique perspective on trusts in a commercial context
  • An accompanying Online Resource Centre offers a range of valuable tools and information designed to promote further learning and assist with revision. Resources include essay-style questions and answer guidance to the revision questions at the end of each chapter, links to key websites, as well as summaries of selected further reading and additional material

New to this edition

  • Revised and updated coverage of the beneficiary principle
  • Additional revision questions have been added to each chapter and supporting answer guidance is available on the Online Resource Centre
  • Discussion of Langbein's framework of trusts law is integrated across the text, including discussion of mandatory and default rules and their relationship to express trusts
  • Coverage of the essential new case law, including Prest v Petrodel Ltd [2013], Williams v Central Bank of Nigeria [2014], FHR European Ventures v Mankarious [2013], and FHR European Ventures & Ors v Cedar Capital Partners LLC [2014]
  • Examination of proposed reforms and emergent academic debate surrounding the Cohabitation Bill and the Hodgson Review

About the Author(s)

Sarah Wilson, Lecturer in Law, University of York

Sarah Wilson is a Lecturer in Law at the University of York. She has previously held posts at the University of Wales, Swansea, the University of Leeds, and the University of Manchester.

Table of Contents

    1: Law and equity and an introduction to the trust
    2: The nature of the trust: its operation and applications in society and the economy
    3: The three certainties and the significance of the 'beneficiary principle'
    4: Formality and the creation of valid trusts
    5: The constitution requirement for a valid trust
    6: Introduction to resulting and constructive trusts
    7: Resulting trusts, gifts to non-charitable unincorporated associations, and pension funds
    8: Beneficial interests in the family home: a case study
    9: Secret and half-secret trusts (and constructive and resulting trusts)
    10: Introduction to charity and charity law
    11: The legal definition of 'charity'
    12: Cy-près
    13: Introduction to trusteeship and an overview of the 'office of trustee'
    14: Powers, discretions, and duties of trustees
    15: Variation of trusts
    16: Breach of trust
    17: Remedies associated with missing trust property: actions in equity and the basis for liability
    18: Trusts arising in commercial dealings


"When written for undergraduates textbooks need to be readable and enjoyable but they must also be informative and up to date. This book possesses all of these attributes. This twelfth edition has been extensively revised and updated...I would recommend this as an essential introductory book for students study." - Bronwen Davies, The Law Teacher - The International Journal of Legal Education

Additional Resources

An accompanying Online Resource Centre offers a range of valuable tools to help students develop their understanding of this area of law and support their revision. Additional chapters on specific performance and injunctions, equitable fraud, and perpetuity rules provide valuable supplementary commentary to help deepen studentsâ understanding of trusts and equity in a variety of contexts. Web links and further reading summaries support those looking to read around the subject. New to the twelfth edition is answer guidance to accompany revision box questions featured in the book, providing a manageable and easy-to-follow resource for use in preparing for assessment.