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Thompson's Modern Land Law

Sixth Edition

Mark Thompson and Martin George

July 2017

ISBN: 9780198722830

656 pages

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Land law through a theoretical lens, encourages the development of critical analysis.



Providing contemporary coverage of the essential topics, Thompson's Modern Land Law helps students to understand the underlying principles of the law and develop critical analysis skills by looking at the subject through a theoretical lens.

  • Rich in detail, clear explanations of the law sit alongside the authors' expert commentary on both what the law is, and also what the law should be
  • Theoretical analysis of law made accessible for students, enabling them to understand, criticise and debate key areas of modern land law
  • Significant cases are clearly set out in the text, with facts and court judgments woven into discussion of the core principles which are emphasized throughout
  • The authors adopt a strong narrative to each topic, with the law presented in a readable yet thought-provoking way
  • Extensive footnotes provide students with a deep source of further reading for tutorials, essays and exams

New to this edition

  • A major reworking and enlargement of the introductory chapter, to take into account theoretical debates on key concepts in land law, including 'property' and 'the right to exclude'
  • Substantially revised and updated coverage of registration of title, including discussion of the Law Commission's latest consultation on Updating the Land Registration Act 2002, as well as the decisions in Scott v. Southern Pacific Mortgages Ltd, Gold Harp Properties v. Macleod and Swift v. Chief Land Registrar
  • Completely restructured and rewritten chapter on adverse possession, to incorporate new developments in the law, including the criminalization of residential squatting and the Court of Appeal decision in Best v. Chief Land Registrar
  • Discussion of the continuing impact of human rights jurisprudence on modern land law, with particular emphasis on the Supreme Court judgments in Sims v Dacorum Borough Council and McDonald v. McDonald
  • Full treatment of the extensive new case-law and academic debate on the acquisition and quantification of an interest in the family home
  • Updated analysis of proprietary estoppel and the satisfaction of the equity, taking into account the decision in Davies v. Davies
  • Extended treatment of vitiating factors in respect of mortgages, with new critical thoughts on the reasoning in Barclays Bank plc v. O'Brien and Royal Bank of Scotland v. Etridge (No.2)
  • Analysis of new cases on easements, including Regency Villas Title Ltd v. Diamond Resorts (Europe) Ltd on recreational use, Winterburn v. Bennett on contenious use for an easement by prescription, and Wood v. Waddington on s.62 of the LPA 1925
  • Discussion of the Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Fen Tigers Ltd on damages in lieu of enforcing an injunction to restrain breach of a restrictive covenant

About the Author(s)

Mark Thompson, Emeritus Professor of Law and sometime Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Leicester, and Martin George, Associate Professor of Property Law, University of Leicester

Table of Contents

    1: The scope of the subject
    2: Tenure and estates
    3: Law, equity and human rights
    4: The 1925 legislation
    5: Registration of title
    6: The transfer of freehold land
    7: Adverse possession
    8: Consecutive and concurrent interests in land
    9: Co-ownership 1: acquisition of interests in the home
    10: Co-ownership 2: the legal framework of co-ownership
    11: Leasehold estates
    12: Mortgages
    13: Easements
    14: Covenants between freeholders
    15: Licences and proprietary estoppel


"Logical and accessible, an excellent textbook. - Dr Bonnie Holligan, Lecturer in Property Law, University of Sussex"

"Clear, engaging and stimulating. Arguments are discussed clearly to encourage further debate. - Anne Street, Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS University of London"

"An insightful text, clearly written. - Dr Tola Amodu, Lecturer in Land Law, University of East Anglia"

Additional Resources

The ‘Re-Imagining the Teaching of Land Law’ workshop held at the University of Birmingham and funded by CEPLER enabled discussions about the teaching of land law - what works and what doesn't. A report summarising the day's discussions can be downloaded here.

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