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Thermodynamics of Chemical Processes

Second Edition

Gareth Price

28 March 2019

ISBN: 9780198814450

128 pages

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The only self-contained text to cover the thermodynamics of chemical processes at a level appropriate for undergraduates.



Thermodynamics of Chemical Processes is the only self-contained text to cover the thermodynamics of chemical processes at a level appropriate for undergraduates. Describing the basic principles which govern reactivity and phase equilibria in chemical systems, the text contains a number of worked examples and problems.

  • Focused introductions designed to give students an in-depth understanding of a diverse range of important topics in modern chemistry
  • Frequent diagrams, margin notes, and glossary definitions support students in their learning
  • Questions at the end of every chapter and interactive online questions encourage active learning
  • Examples and applications presented throughout help students to see the relevance of the subject to current research and industry

New to this edition

  • More discussion of equilibrium in liquid, solution and solid state, including pKa, partition coefficients and coherent discussion of phase equilibrium
  • Expanded treatment of phase in terms of Gibbs energy with more examples and self-study exercises for this challenging area
  • Updated terminology and units to correspond to current practice
  • New worked examples, problems and self-test questions encourage active learning and promote deeper understanding
  • New Online Resources with interactive questions for students, and downloadable figures for instructors

About the Author(s)

Gareth Price, Professor, Physical Chemistry, University of Bath

Gareth Price, Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, University of Bath

Table of Contents

    1:Preamble Energy in Chemical Systems
    2:Enthalpy and Thermochemistry
    3:Entropy in Chemistry
    4:Free Energy and Equilibrium
    5:Phase Changes and Solutions 


"The chapters are very readable and immediately accessible - the starting standard is very gentle. There are a lot of every day examples which allow the material to be linked to familiar phenomena. I felt all of the material I would expect to be there was included, with not too much superfluous. The maths was sufficient to understand the material, define the important parameters and introduce the necessary equations but was explained well enough and at a simple enough level to allow those without A level maths and just starting University level maths to access the material." - Dr Michael Seery, University of Edinburgh

"One of the strengths of this book is the introduction of concepts based on specific examples. This makes it easier for the students to relate to these concepts. [Chapter 5] serves our course of second year Thermodynamics perfectly. It provides a slightly larger depth of detail than we teach, allowing the better students to read a little bit beyond the taught material without making it too demanding for the weaker students." - Dr N Hendrik Nahler, Heriot-Watt University

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