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The Syrian Crisis

What Everyone Needs to Know®

Charles Lister

November 2022

ISBN: 9780190641269

336 pages

What Everyone Needs To Know®

Price: £12.99



The crisis in Syria has transformed not just the Middle East, but much of the rest of the world. This book helps to explain how and why, serving as a comprehensive yet accessible guide. The question-and-answer format helps readers focus on the questions that pique their interest and shows multiple sides of this evolving issue.

  • Provides a clear and holistic overview of the Syrian Crisis and how it is a transformative event in world history
  • Draws from years of interviews and engagement with key groups, movements, communities involved in the crisis to provide unique, unpublished insights
  • Sheds light on the inner workings of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other armed groups in Syria

About the Author(s)

Charles Lister, Senior Fellow, Middle East Institute

Charles Lister is a Senior Fellow and the Director of Countering Terrorism and Extremism at the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC. He is also a Columnist at Asharq al-Awsat and the author of Winning the Battle, Losing the War; The Syrian Jihad; and The Islamic State.

Table of Contents