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The Silk Road: A Very Short Introduction

James A. Millward

26 April 2013

ISBN: 9780199782864

168 pages

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Very Short Introductions

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The Silk Road: A Very Short Introduction is a new look at an ancient subject: the silk road that linked China, India, Persia and the Mediterranean across the expanses of Central Asia. James A. Millward highlights unusual but important biological, technological and cultural exchanges over the silk roads that stimulated development across Eurasia and underpin civilization in our modern, globalized world.

  • Highlights biological, technological, and cultural as well as economic exchanges on the silk road
  • Explains the dynamics of silk road communication as a function of the rise of Central Eurasian nomad empires and their interaction with sedentary agrarian states
  • Disputes the common assertion of a "silk road decline" from around 1500

About the Author(s)

James A. Millward, Professor of History, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, US

James A. Millward is professor of history, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. His books include Eurasian Crossroads: A History of Xinjiang.

Table of Contents

    List of illustrations
    Chapter 1: Environment, empires and ecumenes
    Chapter 2: Eras of silk road fluorescence
    Chapter 3: The biological silk road
    Chapter 4: The technological silk road
    Chapter 5: The arts on the silk road
    Chapter 6: Whither the silk road?
    Further Reading