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The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World

J. P. Mallory and D. Q. Adams

24 August 2006

ISBN: 9780199296682

760 pages

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This book introduces Proto-Indo-European, describes how it was reconstructed from its descendant languages, and shows what it reveals about the people who spoke it between 5,500 and 8,000 years ago. Using related evidence from archaeology and natural history the authors explore the lives, thoughts, passions, culture, society, economy, history, and environment of the Proto-Indo-Europeans. They include chapters on fauna, flora, family and kinship, clothing and textiles, food and drink, space and time, emotions, mythology, and religion, and describe the quest to discover the Proto-Indo-European homeland.

This book on a subject of enduring interest and fascination is written in a clear, readable style and illustrated with maps, figures, and tables.

  • Written to fulfil the needs of students, specialists, and the general readers
  • Provides a complete account of Proto-Indo-European by subject and location
  • Offers unique insights into a lost civilization
  • Accessible and entertaining style

Table of Contents

    List of Maps
    List of Figures
    List of Tables
    List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
    Introduction: How to Use This Book
    2:The Elements
    3:Reconstructing Proto-Indo-European
    4:The System
    6:A Place in Time
    7:Reconstructing the Proto-Indo-Europeans
    8:The Physical World
    9:Indo-European Fauna
    10:Indo-European Flora
    12:Family and Kinship
    13:Hearth and Home
    14:Clothing and Textiles
    15:Material Culture
    16:Food and Drink
    18:Space and Time
    19:Number and Quantity
    20:Mind, Emotions and Sense Perception
    21:Speech and Sound
    24:Grammatical Categories
    25:Comparative Mythology
    26:Origins - The Never-ending Tale
    Basic Sound Correspondences Between PIE and the Major IE Groups
    A Proto-Indo-European-English Word-List
    An English-Proto-Indo-European Word-List
    Index of Languages
    Index of Subjects and Places


"All chapters are well written and indeed the pleasingly readable style of the whole book must be applauded." - Linguist List