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The Nineteenth Century

Europe 1789-1914

Edited by T. C. W. Blanning

May 2000

ISBN: 9780198731351

320 pages

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Short Oxford History of Europe

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In the nineteenth century Europe changed more rapidly and more radically than during any prior period. These six specially commissioned chapters by eminent historians offer the student and general reader a unique approach to understanding one of the most complex periods of modern history, addressing all the major issues in Europe's political, social, economic, cultural, international, and Imperial history.

  • One of the first two volumes launching the major new Short Oxford History of Europe series which will become a core seller on History lists.
  • Series editor is Professor TCW Blanning, Professor of Modern European History, Cambridge
  • The contributors (who include dynamic younger figures as well as grandees) are all top names in the field and together make up an enterprising and formidable volume
  • Not a narrative history, but a series of analytical surveys of society, politics, economics, culture, etc., each by a leading scholar at the cutting edge of historiography
  • Chapters linked together by a substantial introduction and conclusion, by internal cross-references, and by a detailed chronological table
  • Coherent, concise, comprehensive, authoritative, provocative, and challenging: a book which can't be overlooked
  • The period is one of the most lively studies amongst history courses internationally

About the Author(s)

Edited by T. C. W. Blanning, Professor of Modern European History, University of Cambridge

Table of Contents

    List of Contributors
    Introduction: The End of the Old Regime, T.C.W. Blanning
    Politics, Robert Tombs
    Society, Colin Heywood
    The European Economy, 1815-1914, Niall Ferguson
    Culture, James Sheehan
    International Politics, Peace, and War, 1815-1914, Paul W. Schroeder
    Overseas Expansion, Imperialism, and Empire, 1815-1914, A.G. Hopkins
    Conclusion, T.C.W. Blanning
    Further Reading


...this volume in the Short Oxford History of Europe provides an expert and entertaining overview of the principal developments...for a readable history written by specialists The Nineteenth Century is hard to beat. - Miles Taylor, King's College London

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