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The New Testament: A Guide

Rev. Donald Senior, C.P.

15 June 2022

ISBN: 9780197530849

272 pages

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The New Testament is considered a sacred book for believing Christians. Why is that so? What is there about the New Testament that has made it a revered and normative text for Christians for two thousand years? That is the subject of The New Testament: A Guide. It introduces the reader in a clear and accessible manner to the contents, history, and purpose of the various components of the New Testament. And it also tracks the process that led the various books of the New Testament to be considered "inspired" and made an integral part of the Bible.

  • In a clear and comprehensible way, answers the question of why the New Testament is considered "sacred" by Christians
  • Surveys the entire New Testament and describes the historical process that led to its composition
  • Shows the connection between the life of Jesus of Nazareth and the early Christian community's subsequent proclamation of Jesus as both a human and divine figure

About the Author(s)

Rev. Donald Senior, C.P., Professor of New Testament, Chancellor, President Emeritus, Catholic Theological Union in Chicago (CTU)

Rev. Donald Senior, C.P. is President Emeritus and Chancellor of Catholic Theological Union in Chicago (CTU), where he is also a member of the faculty as Professor of New Testament. He is the general editor of Catholic Study Bible (Oxford University Press, 3rd rev. ed. 2016) and Editor in Chief of The Bible Today. His publications include Why the Cross? (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2015), The Gift of Administration: The New Testament Foundations for Administrative Service (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2016), Composing the Bible: How the Scriptures Were Formed (Chicago: LTP, 2016), and Raymond E. Brown and the Catholic Biblical Renewal (New York: Paulist, 2018). He is a member of the Passionist Congregation and also a frequent lecturer and speaker throughout the United States and abroad, serves on numerous boards and commissions; and is actively involved in the interreligious dialogue, particularly with the Jewish and Muslim communities.

Table of Contents

    Introduction The New Testament as Sacred Test
    Chapter 1 What is the New Testament? A First Glance
    Chapter 2 From Jesus to the Writings of The New Testament
    Chapter 3 The Formation of the Canon and the Creation of The New Testament
    Chapter 4 Jesus Christ and The New Testament as Sacred Text
    Chapter 5 Jesus and Paul
    Chapter 6 The Remaining New Testament Books as Sacred
    Chapter 7 Christian Holiness and the Sacredness of The New Testament
    Chapter 8 Interpreting The New Testament as Sacred Text


"This guide is not intended to be a standard introduction to the NT, but rather an investigation into what makes the individual books of the NT, as well as the collection as a whole, "sacred" to believing Christians." - NT WORLD