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The Mind's Machine

Foundations of Brain and Behavior

Second Edition

Neil V. Watson and S. Marc Breedlove

05 October 2017

ISBN: 9781605357393

471 pages

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Price: £49.99

Engages students from a diverse range of disciplines in the core concepts of behavioral neuroscience


Published by Sinauer Associates, an imprint of Oxford University Press.

  • Signs and Symptoms: this new feature highlights important clinical issues related to the chapter topics that apply behavioral neuroscience to the study of clinical disorders.
  • Each chapter begins with a gripping vignette relating the material that follows to a real-life situation.
  • Visual Summary: a graphic layout helps organize the material, and directs students to the figures that reinforce each point.
  • Larger, standalone "Parts" of chapters are written discretely to maximize flexibility in assigning readings.
  • Researchers at Work: important discoveries are explained and illustrated to highlight the process of experimentation and hypothesis testing.
  • The figures are beautifully drawn to aid students' understanding of biological processes. Concisely labeled and explained, the figures are one of the strongest pedagogical features in the text.
  • Boxes describe interesting applications, important methods, sidelights, historical perspectives, or refreshers on theoretical concepts.
  • A Step Further: this feature offers additional, more advanced material for an instructor who wants to make certain topics more challenging or for students who want to know more
  • "How's it going?" Questions: at the end of each section are review questions to help students organize and rehearse what they've learned from the text.
  • Photographs show students "real-life" examples of concepts and topics.

About the Author(s)

Neil V. Watson, Simon Fraser University, and S. Marc Breedlove, Michigan State University

Table of Contents

    1:An Introduction to Brain and Behavior
    2:Cells and Structures: The Anatomy of the Nervous System
    3:Neurophysiology: The Generation, Transmission, and Integration of Neural Signals
    4:The Sensorimotor System
    5:Hearing, Balance, Taste, and Smell
    6:Vision: From Eye to Brain
    7:Hormones and Sex
    8:Homeostasis: Active Regulation of the Internal Environment
    9:Biological Rhythms and Sleep
    10:Emotions, Aggression, and Stress
    11:Psychopathology: The Biology of Behavioral Disorders
    12:Memory, Learning, and Development
    13:Attention and Consciousness
    14:Language and Our Divided Brain

Additional Resources

For Students

The Mind's Machine Companion Website includes a variety of resources to help students learn and review the material presented in the textbook, and to expand the coverage of the textbook. The site includes the following:

* Chapter Outlines
* Study questions
* Animations and videos
* Visual summaries
* Flashcards & key terms
* A Step Further
* Activities
* Glossary

For Instructors

The Mind's Machine Instructor's Resource Library includes:

* Figures and tables from the book

* PowerPoint resources

* Instructor's manual

* Test Bank

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