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The Law of Trusts

Twelfth Edition

J E Penner

February 2022

ISBN: 9780192855008

544 pages

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Core Texts Series

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The most perceptive, concise, and focused analysis of trusts available.



The Law of Trusts provides a concise, yet stimulating, approach to the core issues within trusts law. Combining perceptive analysis and thought-provoking commentary, James Penner skilfully engages with controversial issues, giving students an excellent grounding in what is considered to be a challenging subject.

  • High quality analysis with clear and efficient explanation of complex concepts gives students an excellent grounding in the law of trusts
  • Introduces the controversies surrounding the topic in a thought-provoking way, engaging the reader and giving a good all-round picture of the key issues relating to the subject
  • Numerous text features, including chapter summaries, must-read cases, self-assessment questions, further reading lists and a bibliography all ensure this book equips students with the tools they need to consolidate their study
  • The lively writing style engages readers and encourages critical and analytical thinking around the subject
  • Concise and focused, this book condenses a complex subject, concentrates on core principles, and helps students understand the topic, without compromising its academic integrity
  • Also available as an e-book with functionality, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support

New to this edition

  • A comprehensive review of the book has ensured a sharp focus on the core content needed by students
  • The structure and chapter order have been fully revised for clarity and to further align with courses on the law of trusts: chapters have been reordered; three new chapters have been added; and the addition of Parts helps to further organise chapters
  • Updated with new examples of the application of the law in lower court decisions, for example in developing the new treatments of massively discretionary trusts and bare trusts subject to contractual obligations or agent's instructions

About the Author(s)

J E Penner, Kwa Geok Choo Professor of Property Law, National University of Singapore, and Barrister of Lincoln's Inn

J E Penner is Kwa Geok Choo Professor of Property Law, National University of Singapore, and Barrister of Lincoln's Inn. He completed his first degree in genetics (BSc UWO) before continuing his academic studies in law and legal philosophy (LLB Toronto, DPhil Oxon). He has a strong reputation in this field and has taught trusts in the UK, Canada, the Bahamas, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

Table of Contents

    Part I: The Express Trust
    1:Historical origins of the trust
    2:Basic principles
    3:Trusts and powers
    4:Modern discretionary trusts
    7:The beneficiary principle
    8:The trust up and running
    Part II: Resulting Trusts and Bare Trusts
    10:Resulting trusts
    11:Bare trusts subject to contractual obligations and agency mandates
    Part III: Liabilities Arising from Breach of Trust and Fiduciary Obligations
    12:Following, tracing, and claiming
    13:The trustee's liability for breach of trust
    14:Fiduciary relationships
    15:Third party liability for breach of trust and fiduciary obligations
    16:Restitution, unjust enrichment, and the law of trusts
    Part IV: Constructive Trusts
    17:Constructive trusts and informal trusts of family property
    Part V: Charity
    18:The law governing charities

Additional Resources

Digital formats and resources
The twelfth edition is avilable for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources.

· The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support: www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/ebooks
· The online resources include: bi-annual updates on the latest key developments in equity & trusts, and self-test questions on key topics, with feedback, providing an opportunity for students to test and consolidate their learning.