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The Internet of Things

What Everyone Needs to Know®

Scott J. Shackelford

27 August 2020

ISBN: 9780190943806

208 pages

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What Everyone Needs To Know®

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the notion that nearly everything we use, from gym shorts to streetlights, will soon be connected to the Internet; the Internet of Everything (IoE) encompasses not just objects, but the social connections, data, and processes that the IoT makes possible. As more devices and systems become intertwined, the growing scale of the threat from hackers can easily get lost in the excitement of lower costs and smarter tech. The goal of this book is to demystify our increasingly "smart" world, and offer practical guidance for consumers, managers, and policymakers seeking to navigate this new frontier.

  • An accessible introduction to the Internet of Everything, and what it means for business, society, and our human rights
  • Explores how we can better govern the Internet of Everything, with clear and concise examples and solutions
  • Explains security issues with the Internet of Everything and offers practical suggestions for a bottom-up approach that fosters security and privacy

About the Author(s)

Scott J. Shackelford, Cybersecurity Program Chair and Director, Ostrom Workshop Program on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance, Indiana University Bloomington

Scott J. Shackelford is Associate Professor of Business Law and Ethics,Cybersecurity Program Chair, and Director of the Ostrom Workshop Program on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance at Indiana University Bloomington. He is also an Affiliated Scholar at both the Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and Stanford's Center for Internet and Society, as well as a Senior Fellow at the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, and a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is the author of Managing Cyber Attacks in International Law, Business, and Relations: In Search of Cyber Peace.

Table of Contents

    Chapter One: Cyber-What?
    Chapter Two: Welcome to the Internet of Everything
    Chapter Three: Securing Everything: Deep Dives in Internet of Things Security
    Chapter Four: Governing the Internet of Everything
    Chapter Five: Analogizing Internet of Everything Security
    Chapter Six: How Can We Do Better?
    Finding Cyber Peace in the Internet of Everything


"The Internet of Things will be a driving economic, political, and cultural, force throughout this century. Shackelford does an excellent job of introducing readers to the many facets and implications of this technology, from how they communicate to how they challenge the global digital ecosystem. Essential reading for anyone who needs to understand our hyperconnected future." - Bruce Schneier, Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and author of Click Here to Kill Everybody

"Scott Shackelford's latest book provides an essential contribution to the vital discussion about the impact of technology on society. With reader-friendly prose, he carefully walks readers through the many cybersecurity and privacy issues that arise as we become more dependent on the Internet of Things. Rather than merely outlining the problems that we face, Shackelford presents pragmatic and well-reasoned legal and policy solutions. The Internet of Things is a must-read for policymakers, the business community, and anyone who is concerned about the future of cybersecurity." - Jeff Kosseff, author of The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet and Cybersecurity Law

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