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The History of Jazz

Second Edition

Ted Gioia

June 2011

ISBN: 9780195399707

452 pages

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Price: £12.99



Newly revised and updated version of Ted Gioia's iconic The History of Jazz.

  • A well-written, widely-researched, enjoyable read for both fans and scholars of jazz
  • Features descriptions of all the important players and places in jazz history
  • Begins with the earliest roots of jazz and concludes in the present

About the Author(s)

Ted Gioia

Ted Gioia is a musician, author, and leading jazz critic and expert on American music. The first edition of his The History of Jazz was selected as one of the twenty best books of the year in The Washington Post, and was chosen as a notable book of the year in The New York Times. He is also the author of Delta Blues, West Coast Jazz, Work Songs and The Birth (and Death) of the Cool.

Table of Contents

    1:The Prehistory of Jazz
    2:New Orleans Jazz
    3:The Jazz Age
    5:The Swing Era
    6:Modern Jazz
    7:The Fragmentation of Jazz Styles
    8:Freedom and Fusion
    9:Traditionalists and Post-Modernists
    10:Jazz in the New Millennium


"The mass of information is structured by a strong linear narrative and is carried along by Gioia's poetic turn of phrase. One of the best, and most even-handed, surveys of jazz and its literature." - Financial Times