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The Histories

Revised and edited by D. S. Levene
A revision of the translation of W. H. Fyfe

May 2008

ISBN: 9780199540709

368 pages

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Oxford World's Classics

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In The Histories Cornelius Tacitus, widely regarded as the greatest of all Roman historians, describes with cynical power the murderous `year of the Four Emperors' - AD 69 - when in just a few months the whole of the Roman Empire was torn apart by civil war. W.H. Fyfe's classic translation has been substantially revised and supplied with extensive historical and literary notes. The Introduction examines the subtleties of Tactitus' writing and gives the necessary political and social background.

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About the Author(s)


Revised and edited by D. S. Levene, Lecturer in Classics, Durham University
A revision of the translation of W. H. Fyfe


plenty here to savour ... Tacitus was not just a fine writer, he was also a senior Roman politician. - Max Davidson, The Daily Telegraph