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The Gospels and Jesus

Second Edition

Graham Stanton

07 March 2002

ISBN: 9780199246168

344 pages

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Oxford Bible Series

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This book provides a clear scholarly introduction to study of the life of Jesus and of the four New Testament gospels. In the second edition, special attention is given to ways of assessing the relevant literary and archaeological evidence. Current scholarly debates are considered, but the main emphasis is on thorough study of key passages in the gospels.

  • Fully updated to take account of important recent scholarly discussion, including literary approaches to the gospels, the Gospel of Thomas, archaeological evidence, and methods for reconstructing the teaching of Jesus
  • Clear, well-organised discussion of all relevant topics ensures readers approaching the subject for the first time are not overwhelmed. Chapters may also be read out of sequence and used for 'solo' study
  • User-friendliness enhanced by more cross-references, a fully comprehensive index, a map, and a new larger format and clear text design
  • Bibliography has been extended, fully updated, and partly annotated for the second edition. Books suitable for advanced study are marked with an asterisk. Teachers at all levels will find this useful for preparation and updating.
  • Graham Stanton is a highly respected specialist in his field, and writes in a balanced, authoritative, and accessible style
  • Controversial issues in chapters on Jesus are tackled sensitively, and readers are encouraged to weigh the issues and reach their own conclusions.
  • Retains a close focus on the text of the gospels. More detailed discussion of a range of key passages of the Bible provides good training in the close reading of texts (exegesis).

About the Author(s)

Graham Stanton, Lady Margaret's Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge

Table of Contents

    Part I
    1:From the Gospels to Jesus
    2:What is a gospel?
    3:Mark's gospel: The way of Jesus
    4:Matthew's gospel: The way of righteousness
    5:Luke's gospel: God's way triumphs
    6:John's gospel: 'I am the way'
    7:Why four gospels?
    Part II: Jesus in Gospel tradition8:What do we know about Jesus of Nazareth?
    9:Assessing the evidence
    10:John the Baptist
    11:Prophet and teacher
    12:The Kingdom of God
    13:Parables and aphorisms
    14:Miracles and exorcisms
    15:Messiah, Son of God, Son of Man
    17:The last days
    18:Who was Jesus of Nazareth?
    Index of passages cited
    General index


'Dr. Graham Stanton is a renowned exegete and expositor of the Gospels. His The Gospels and Jesus has been a standard teaching tool since it was first published in 1989. I am delighted to have received the updated, second edition. It is a rare achievement for any author to comprehend, digest, and present such a vast amount of scholarly research in a simple, clear, and readable format. From my own standpoint, I am especially happy to see how the recent debates about the historical Jesus are judiciously reflected in the expanded treatment of the subject in this second edition, which deserves as much dissemination and use as the first.' - John P. Meier, University of Notre Dame

Review from previous edition '...an excellent introduction to the present day study of the gospels. The style of the book is simple and attractive.' - Irish Biblical Studies

'The current updating of Graham Stanton's book will help it maintain its preeminent position as a valuable and authoritative introduction suitable for a wide readership.' - Keith Elliott, University of Leeds

'I continue to be impressed with how well the author has achieved the aim of covering so much material and so many issues within comparatively brief scope.' - US review of the proposed new edition

'Graham Stanton's book is well-known and highly regarded as an excellent introduction to the study of Jesus and the Gospels. The author is of course a well-known and established New Testament scholar, well-placed to introduce students to the discipline and subject matter. A lot has happened in the field of New Testament studies in the eleven years since the book was first published, and it would be of great benefiit for the book to be revised to take account of these developments.' - UK review of the proposed new edition

'an even better book than before, now presented in an enlarged and attractive format' - Morna D. Hooker,The Epwoth Review

'he has again produced a work that is remarkable for the clarity of its argument and the breadth of its scholarship' - J.E. Tollington, Journal of the STudy of the Old Testament