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The Foundations of European Union Law

Ninth Edition

Takis Tridimas

10 July 2023

ISBN: 9780192896513

600 pages

Price: £39.99

Presents one of the clearest accounts of the EU's legal institutions.



This book looks at the principles of the constitutional and administrative law of the European Union. Tridimas examines the institutions of the EU (including the workings of the European Courts).

  • One of the most readable and clear accounts of the EU's legal institutions
  • Focuses only on constitutional, institutional, and administrative aspects of EU law, providing an ideal framework for understanding how EU law is organised and operated
  • Online Resources provide updates and web links to help students keep abreast of developments in the law

About the Author(s)

Takis Tridimas, Co-Director, Centre of European Law, King's College London

Table of Contents

    Part 1: European Union institutions
    1:The institutions
    2:The European Court
    Part 2: The Union legal system
    3:Acts of the member states
    4:Union acts
    5:Human rights and general principles of law
    6:Agreements with third countries
    Part 3: Union law and the member states
    7:Direct effect and national remedies
    8:The national response
    9:Preliminary references
    10:Enforcement actions
    Part 4: Administrative law
    11:Reviewable acts
    12:Locus standi
    13:Failure to act
    14:Indirect challenge
    15:Review and annulment
    16:Union obligations


"Review from previous edition 'I find it an excellent book. It is extremely well written and is clear and to the point. The style is pitched at just the right level, and there are frequent highlights of interesting points. In particular, the book embeds the law in a political context, which is essential on this topic'" - Dr Lorand Bartels, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

"'The book sets out clearly the key issues of EU law in a competent and authoritative style'" - Alexander Türk, Professor of Law, King's College London

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