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The Existence of God

Second Edition

Richard Swinburne

25 March 2004

ISBN: 9780199271689

384 pages

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Richard Swinburne presents a substantially rewritten and updated edition of his most celebrated book. No other work has made a more powerful case for the probability of the existence of God. Swinburne argues compellingly that the existence of the universe, its law-governed nature and fine-tuning, human consciousness and moral awareness, and evidence of miracles and religious experience, all taken together (and despite the occurrence of pain and suffering), make it likely that there is a God.

  • A major new edition of a classic in the philosophy of religion
  • Substantially rewritten, revised, and updated: this is the definitive version for posterity
  • Reflects Swinburne's latest thinking, and responds to current research
  • The best case for the existence of God

About the Author(s)

Richard Swinburne, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Oxford

Table of Contents

    1:Inductive Arguments
    2:The Nature of Explanation
    3:The Justification of Explanation
    4:Complete Explanation
    5:The Intrinsic Probability of Theism
    6:The Explanatory Power of Theism: General Considerations
    7:The Cosmological Argument
    8:Teleological Arguments
    9:Arguments from Consciousness and Morality
    10:The Argument from Providence
    11:The Problem of Evil
    12:Arguments from History and Miracles
    13:The Argument from Religious Experience
    14:The Balance of Probability
    Additional Note 1: The Trinity
    Additional Note 2: Recent Arguments to Design from Biology
    Additional Note 3: Plantinga's Argument Against Evolutionary Naturalism


"Richard Swinburne...over the past thirty years or so, has fashioned the most sophisticated and highly developed natural theology the world has so far seen." - Alvin Plantinga, Times Literary Supplement

"...if you want Swinburne's latest thoughts, and his response to some recent developments, here they are." - R.L. Sturch, The Journal of Theological Studies