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The Evolution of Life

Graham Bell

04 December 2014

ISBN: 9780198712572

496 pages

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Price: £57.99

The most focused, clear account of the central themes of evolutionary biology, tailored to the needs of a one-semester course.



The Evolution of Life focuses on key principles to offer a truly accessible, unintimidating treatment of evolutionary biology. With adaptation through natural selection as its central theme, the book adopts a lucid, crystal-clear narrative to explain the mechanism of evolution and its main outcomes.

  • A clear account of the central issue of evolutionary biology - adaptation through natural selection - that is tailored to the needs of a one semester course
  • Its tight focus makes it perfect for those needing to grasp the essentials without being burdened by excessive detail
  • Written by an eminent evolutionary biologist known both for his clarity of thinking and clarity of writing
  • Augmented by additional teaching and learning resources on an accompanying Online Resource Centre

About the Author(s)

Graham Bell, McGill University, Montreal

Graham Bell is a James McGill Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology at McGill University, Montreal, where his research explores genetic variation and species diversity in environments that vary in space and time. Having published over 120 research papers in refereed journals, he is also the author of Selection: the mechanism of evolution (second edition, OUP, 2007).

Table of Contents

    Section 1: Basics
    1:The evidence for evolution
    2:The engine of evolution
    Section 2: History
    3:The tree of life
    4:The diversity of life
    5:The ancestry of life
    Section 3: Origins
    6:The origin of variation
    7:The origin of species
    8:The origin of innovation
    Section 4: Adaptation
    9:Adaptation and evolved design
    10:Evolving bodies
    11:The dynamic genome
    Section 5: Selection
    12:Artificial selection
    13:Experimental evolution
    14:Selection in natural populations
    Section 6: Interaction
    15:Sexual selection
    16:Cooperation and conflict
    17:Symbiosis and struggle

Additional Resources

Online Resource Centre
The Evolution of Life is supported by the following online resources:

For registered adopters:
- Figures from the book in electronic format for use in lectures
- A set of exam questions for each chapter
- Journal Clubs: discussion questions that guide students through research papers related to each chapter

For students:
- Programs and interactive spreadsheets related to activities posed in the book

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