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The English Constitution

Walter Bagehot
Edited by Miles Taylor

March 2009

ISBN: 9780199539017

256 pages

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Oxford World's Classics

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Written in 1867, The English Constitution remains the best account of the history and working of the British political system. Blending wit, humour, history, and anecdote, its analysis of the monarchy, the role of the prime minister and cabinet, and comparisons with the American presidential system are astute and timeless. This is the only edition currently in print and uses the original 1867 edition.

About the Author(s)

Walter Bagehot

Edited by Miles Taylor, Lecturer in Modern History, King's College, London


"I can still recall the excitement as a student in discoering a book that analysed how our political system worked. Dated it may be; worth reading it remains." - Mervyn King, Waitrose Weekend

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