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The Crusades: A Very Short Introduction

Christopher Tyerman

October 2005

ISBN: 9780192806550

184 pages

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Very Short Introductions

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The Crusades were one of the most extraordinary, vivid episodes in world history. But were they motivated by spiritual reward or by greed? Were they an early experiment in European colonialism? How were they organized? With customary flair and originality, Christopher Tyerman picks his way through the many debates to present a clear and lively discussion of the Crusades.

  • A concise study of one of the most extraordinary and dramatic periods in world history
  • Considers the effects of the Crusades on ordinary life in Western Europe and the parts played by ordinary men and women in the conflict
  • Explores the appropriation of the term 'Crusade' for contemporary political ends

About the Author(s)

Christopher Tyerman, Lecturer in Medieval History at Hertford College and New College, Oxford

Table of Contents

    1:Definition and Scope
    2:Sources and Perspectives
    3:Holy War
    4:Holy lands
    5:The Business of the Cross Conclusion
    Further reading


"Small but impressive" - Soldier Magazine