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The Changing Constitution

Ninth Edition

Edited by Sir Jeffrey Jowell and Colm O'Cinneide

24 July 2019

ISBN: 9780198806363

480 pages

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Price: £39.99

No other book on the subject brings together contributions from so many distinguished academics.



The Changing Constitution provides concise, scholarly and thought-provoking essays on the key issues surrounding the UK's constitutional development, and the current debates around reform.

  • Contributions from 15 leading scholars which offer a unique breadth of coverage
  • Takes a topic-based critical approach to the subject, opening up issues and themes for the reader to consider and debate
  • Each chapter begins with a brief summary of its contents, so that the fundamental areas under discussion are immediately clear to the reader
  • Each chapter ends with a list of further reading, directing the reader to crucial academic literature on the subject and to relevant websites, therefore enabling students to further develop their knowledge, and to keep up to date with the latest developments
  • Also available as an e-book with functionality, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support

New to this edition

  • This new edition of a classic text has been substantively revised to take account of the fast-evolving UK constitutional system, and in particular the challenges posed by Brexit, devolution, and other dramatic recent developments in British constitutional law. It contains new and revised chapters by leading authorities on the UK constitution
  • New chapters on 'Brexit and the UK Constitution' by Paul Craig; 'The Relationship between Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary' by Alison Young; 'The Executive in Public Law: New Platitudes and Old Heresies', by Thomas Poole; and 'Federalism' by John McEldowney. There are three new chapters on devolution: Brice Dickson on Northern Ireland, Aileen McHarg on Scotland, and Richard Rawlings on Wales. Patrick Birkinshaw has also substantively revised his chapter on information and privacy rights
  • A new section of the book analyses how the UK constitution might develop in the future
  • All chapters of the new edition engage with Brexit, ensuring comprehensive analysis of its impact on every facet of the constitution

About the Author(s)

Edited by Sir Jeffrey Jowell, Barrister, Blackstone Chambers and Professor Emeritus, University College London, and Colm O'Cinneide, Professor of Constitutional and Human Rights Law, University College London

Table of Contents

    Part I: The Constitutional Framework
    1:The rule of law, Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC
    2:Parliamentary sovereignty in a changing constitutional landscape, Mark Elliott
    3:Human rights and the UK constitution, Colm O'Cinneide
    4:Brexit and the constitution, Paul Craig
    5:The internationalization of public law and its impact on the UK, David Feldman
    Part II: The Institutional Context
    6:Parliament: the best of times, the worst of times?, Lord Norton of Louth
    7:The executive in public law,, Thomas Poole
    8:The foundations of justice, Andrew Le Sueur
    9:Devolution - Northern Ireland, Brice Dickson
    10:Devolution - Scotland, Aileen McHarg
    11:Devolution - Wales, Richard Rawlings
    Part III: New Directions?
    12:The relationship between Parliament, the Executive, and the Judiciary, Alison Young
    13:Information: public access, protecting privacy, and surveillance, Patrick Birkinshaw
    14:A federal UK?, John McEldowney
    15:The democratic case for a written constitution, Jeff King


"Review from previous edition Since it's first publication in 1985, it has been widely regarded as an important supplement to recommended textbooks for constitutional law, addressing constitutional development and reform by distinguished academics." - The Law Quarterly Review

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Digital formats
This ninth edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats. The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support: www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/ebooks

For further insight into public law, visit Colm O'Cinneide on Twitter at @colmocinneide.

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