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Textbook on Criminology

Seventh Edition

Katherine S. Williams

March 2012

ISBN: 9780199592708

680 pages

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Price: £37.99

A comprehensive account of the theory, policy and practice of criminology



Textbook on Criminology provides a comprehensive consideration of the theoretical, practical, and political aspects of crime and criminology. The clarity of approach makes it an ideal text for students wishing to gain a firm grasp of the fundamental issues, together with an appreciation of the thought-provoking complexities surrounding the subject.

  • The focus on the theoretical aspects of criminology provides an excellent basis for the study of crime, its control, and causes, helping students to contextualise the real-life case studies and examples they will encounter during the course of their studies
  • Features comprehensive overviews of all theoretical, practical, and political aspects of crime and criminology giving students a broad understanding of the subject
  • Well-chosen extracts from primary sources are incorporated throughout the text for students to refer to
  • References to a wide range of authoritative texts and useful websites ensure further study is well directed
  • End-of-chapter questions encourage students to engage actively with the subject, and help to check their understanding of the fundamental principles

New to this edition

  • The new edition is thoroughly updated to incorporate further detail on the newer branches of criminological theory. For example, the section on critical criminology is extended, and a new section on cultural criminology is integated
  • Following lecturer feedback, there is a new chapter at the beginning of the book on the study of theory, helping students to move towards thinking 'criminologically'

About the Author(s)

Katherine S. Williams, Lecturer in Law, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Katherine S. Williams is Lecturer in Law at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Prior to this she taught at the University of Liverpool for nine years. Her main teaching areas are criminology, criminal justice, human rights and welfare law, and social policy. As well as her work on criminology she has recently published in the areas of criminal justice, computer law, and child sexual abuse.

Table of Contents

    1:What is criminological theory?
    2:Definitions, terminology and the criminal process
    3:Public conceptions and misconceptions of crime
    4:The extent of crime: a comparison of official and unofficial calculations
    5:Victims, survivors, and victimology
    6:Influences of physical factors and genetics on criminality
    7:Influences of biochemical factors and of the central and autonomic nervous systems on criminality
    8:Psychological theories of criminality
    9:Mental disorder (psychopathology) and criminality
    10:Intelligence and learning
    11:The sociology of criminality
    12:Anomie, strain and juvenile subculture
    13:Control theories
    14:Labelling, phenomenology and ethnomethodology
    15:Critical criminology: conflict, radical and cultural criminologies
    16:Criminology and realism
    17:Positivist explanations of female criminality
    18:Feminist theories
    19:Terrorism and State violence
    20:Governance, risk and globalisation theories
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