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Textbook on Administrative Law

Eighth Edition

Peter Leyland and Gordon Anthony

July 2016

ISBN: 9780198713050

560 pages

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Price: £39.99

Student-focused, concise coverage of the essence of administrative law.



The eighth edition of Textbook on Administrative Law continues to provide students with an accessible and stimulating guide to the subject. Practical in approach, the authors concentrate on fully analysing core topics, while at the same time setting them within a contextual and thematic framework.

  • Clear and succinct writing style is ideal for students approaching the subject for the first time, as well as any student seeking concise coverage of this demanding area of public law
  • Topical analysis of recent case law, legislation and reform encourages students to engage with the contentious debates that surround administrative law
  • Structured with the syllabus of undergraduate administrative law courses firmly in mind, each topic is covered in a detailed and thorough manner, ensuring that the book is suitable as the core text on all such courses
  • A detailed glossary defines and explains key terms and concepts to help the student familiarize themself with the language of administrative law
  • The chapters are carefully set out to help guide the reader through each topic, with chapter introductions, concluding comments, and suggestions for further reading

New to this edition

  • Fully updated and revised to reflect changes in the administrative state post 2015 election
  • Comprehensive analysis of developments in judicial review with reference to the main decisions, including Evans, HS2, Sandiford, Pham, and Keyu
  • Analysis of the main developments in human rights jurisprudence
  • Reference to developments in EU law and their impact on domestic administrative law
  • Revised discussion of ombudsmen and tribunals as non-judicial remedies

About the Author(s)

Peter Leyland, Professor of Law, SOAS, University of London, and Gordon Anthony, Professor of Public Law, Queen's University, Belfast

Peter Leyland is Emeritus Professor of Public Law at London Metropolitan University, and currently Professor of Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Gordon Anthony is Professor of Public Law at Queen's University, Belfast, and a Barrister-at-Law.

Table of Contents

    1:Introduction, theory and history
    2:Constitutional context
    3:European Union Law and administrative law
    4:Human rights and administrative law
    5:The modern administrative state
    6:The ombudsmen principle
    7:Dispute resolution: tribunals and inquiries
    8:Introduction to judicial review
    9:Extending the reach of judicial review: the public-private divide and the Royal prerogative
    10:Limiting judicial review: ouster clauses and public interest immunity
    11:Illegality I
    12:Illegality II
    13:Unreasonableness, irrationality, and proportionality
    15:Legitimate expectations
    16:Procedural impropriety I: statutory requirements
    17:Procedural impropriety II: common law rules
    18:Remedies in judicial review
    19:Contracting and public bodies
    20:Public authority liability in tort
    21:Conclusion: administrative law facing the future


Accessible with good coverage and well written. It is refelctive not only of the law but also the wider context and allows students to understand administrative law in a more nuanced and practical way. - Dr Fiona Donson, Lecturer in Law, University College Cork

The information is presented in a clear and simple way making use of a good number of technical examples from case-law to illustrate the points made. I have never heard a complaint that the text was difficult to read or understand. - Dr Dimitris Xenos, Senior Lecturer, University of East London

Clear and well written, very well structured, pitched well at 'mid-level' students in terms of appeal to academic ability. - Jamie Grace, Senior Lecturer in Law, Sheffield Hallam University

Review from previous edition Strikes an excellent balance between exploring some of the issues in greater detail whilst, at the same time, giving the reader enough information to cover the fundamental points. - Student Law Journal

Lawyers and students looking for an accessible and interesting account of administrative law should seriously consider Textbook on Administrative Law. - Student Law Journal

This is a textbook borne out of considerable experience of designing and delivering administrative law courses and reflects a sense of what students actually need. - The Law Teacher

Additional Resources

Textbook on Administrative Law is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre providing a wide range of extra resources to further support students in their studies, including:
- Updates in constitutional and administrative law
- An extensive range of web links
- An interactive timeline of significant public law events throughout history
- 'Oxford News Now'- a live feed on topical public law issues, sourced from news websites such as the BBC and Guardian

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