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Technology for Unleashing Creativity

Practical Tips and Tools for Music Educators

Steve Giddings

12 July 2022

ISBN: 9780197570746

224 pages

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In Technology for Unleashing Creativity, author Steve Giddings offers a guide to the marriage of technology and creativity in the music classroom, and shows that the two must work together now more than ever.

  • Accessibly explains technology's role in the music classroom
  • Offers engaging yet brisk ideas and reflections on education
  • Discusses the pitfalls of contemporary music education

About the Author(s)

Steve Giddings, Independent scholar and performer; columnist, Canadian Music Educator Journal

Steve Giddings has been a long-time advocate for creative musical practices, popular music education and a conduit for pushing the envelope in music education in Canada and across the world. He is owner and operator of StevesMusicRoom.com and is active as a performer, workshop facilitator, and writer. He is a regular columnist in the Canadian Music Educator Journal, and has two previously published books for music teachers: Rock Coach and Creative Musicking.

Table of Contents

    Introduction - Modern Music Education
    Chapter 1 - Creativity in Music Education
    Chapter 2 - Technology in Music Education
    Chapter 3 - The Informal Learning Approach
    Chapter 4 - Digital Audio Workstations
    Chapter 5 - Notation Software
    Chapter 6 - Other Online Tools for Fostering Creativity
    Chapter 7 - Makey Makey and Coding for Creativity
    Chapter 8 - Electronic, Digital, and Virtual Instruments
    Chapter 9 - Tech for Facilitating Creativity with Small Ensembles
    Chapter 10 - Other Considerations


"Not only has Steve provided an extensive overview of the most useful creative educational tech tools, he has included practical lesson ideas throughout the book, making it a valuable resource for music teachers at any level." - Katie Wardrobe

"Technology for Unleashing Creativity: Practical Tips and Tools for Music Educators is a fantastic resource for any music teacher trying to integrate tech into their curriculum. Steve Giddings features an exhaustive resource list for almost every possible interest and ability level. Crucially, he keeps creative musicianship in focus throughout, detailing the paradigm shift from teaching performance to teaching creativity in music. This book belongs on the shelf of every music teacher who wants to tap into the creative potential of their students." - Will Kuhn, Music Coordinator, Lebanon City Schools, and President, TI:ME (Technology in Music Education)

"This invaluable resource offers practical guidance for a wide range of music education contexts: not just 'music tech' classes, but ensemble performances, composition, improvisation, online learning, and STEM, all within a framework of informal learning and creativity." - Ethan Hein, Doctoral Fellow in Music Education, New York University

"Creativity is the heart of music education! And, when you merge creativity with technology, everyone in your classroom will be engaged in the learning process. Steve Giddings has made the case for increasing creativity in every music classroom through practical, fun, ready-to-go lesson ideas for grades K-12. This book is a must-have for all music educators!" - Shawna Longo, music teacher and co-author of Integrating STEM with Music