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Teaching Statistics


A Bag of Tricks

Second Edition

Andrew Gelman and Deborah Nolan

04 May 2017

ISBN: 9780198785705

432 pages

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Price: £29.99

To help overcome the challenges of teaching statistics across various diciplines, Gelman and Nolan have put together this fascinating and thought-provoking book based on years of teaching experience.


To help overcome the challenges of teaching statistics across various diciplines, Gelman and Nolan have put together this fascinating and thought-provoking book based on years of teaching experience.

  • Resource for classroom demonstrations and student activities
  • Teaching tips on how to design your own activities and increase class participation
  • Guidelines and templates for organizing projects
  • New chapters on graphics, statistics communication, statistics diaries, and data science
  • Takes a positive spin on the field of statistics for students

New to this edition

  • Contains new chapters on teaching graphics, statistical communication, and data science, as well as chapters on teaching statistics to social scientists and using statistics diaries in a course.
  • New activities in the data collection chapter; including a sampling project that involves digital photos and an alternative taste-testing experiment.
  • New section on large lecture classes that includes experiences with document cameras, clickers, online forums, near-peers, and reproducible documents.
  • Revised and expanded section on managing projects and added templates for forming teams, work logs, poster guidelines, rubrics for evaluating projects, and forms to provide feedback.
  • New first-week-of-class activity, alongside a new project description for analyzing a complex survey.

About the Author(s)

Andrew Gelman, Columbia University, and Deborah Nolan, University of California

Andrew Gelman is Professor of Statistics and Professor of Political Science and Director of the Applied Sciences Center at Columbia University. He has published over 250 articles in statistical theory, methods, and computation, and in applications areas including decision analysis, survey sampling, political science, public health, and policy.

Deborah Nolan is Professor of Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research has involved the empirical process, high-dimensional modeling, and, more recently, technology in education and reproducible research.

Table of Contents

    Introductory probability and statistics
    2:First week of class
    3:Descriptive statistics
    4:Statistical graphics
    5:Linear regression and correlation
    6:Data collection
    7:Statistical literacy and the news media
    9:Statistical inference
    10:Multiple regression and nonlinear models
    11:Lying with statistics
    Putting it all together
    12:How to do it
    13:Structuring an introductory statistics course
    14:Teaching statistics to social scientists
    15:Statistics diaries
    16:A course in statistical communication and graphics
    More advanced courses
    17:Decision theory and Bayesian statistics
    18:Student activities in survey sampling
    19:Problems and projects in probability
    20:Directed projects in a mathematical statistics course
    21:Statistical thinking in a data science course


"This book is unique; statistics educators will benefit. Recommended." - CHOICE

"Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks" is an extraordinary and unreservedly recommended addition to academic library collections in general, and would prove to be an enduringly valued supplementary text book for Statistics Education curriculums." - Midwest Book Review

"Review from previous edition "... very readable ... a book to dip into ... a useful companion to have to hand with fresh and relevant ideas."" - Mathematics in School

""This book contains more material than could possibly be used in a single course; we suggest you read through it all and then try out some of the ideas. Pick and choose what works for you."" - Zentralblatt Math

""Gelman and Nolan have constructed a tour de force of clever demonstrations that will permit all who use them to communicate more effectively many of the deepest ideas of statisitical thinking."" - Howard Wainer, Distinguished Research Scientist, National Board of Medical Examiners, Philadelphia

"I strongly recommend Teaching Statistics to anyone teaching statistics. The second edition contains new and exciting ideas, especially for more advanced classes. This book is well-written, informative, and very useful." - Rebecca Conley, MAA Reviews