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Teaching Beginning Guitar Class

A Practical Guide

Bill Swick

16 November 2017

ISBN: 9780190661922

224 pages

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In one helpfully concise volume, Teaching Beginning Guitar Class: A Practical Guide provides the necessary tools to assist secondary music educators with the task of teaching beginning guitar in the classroom.

  • Caters specifically to the non-guitar playing music instructor
  • Offers step-by-step guides to each week for the school year
  • Features questions from actual first-year classroom guitar teachers

About the Author(s)

Bill Swick, Department Chair, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

Bill Swick currently teaches guitar for the twelve-time Grammy award winning Las Vegas Academy of the Arts and is the guitar task force chair for Clark County School District. Swick has served as faculty of Drake University and University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Table of Contents

    Chapter One: Getting Started
    I Do Not Play Guitar, Why Do I Have to Teach Guitar?
    Reasons Why Music Educators May Like Teaching Guitar
    Band Students Will Leave the Band to Join a Guitar Class, or Will They?
    Guitar Content for the First Quarter
    What Kind of Equipment is Needed for Guitar Class?
    Trimming the List
    No Left-Handed Guitars
    A Closer Look at Quarter One Class Content
    Playing with a Pick
    Playing with the Thumb
    Playing with Alternating Fingers
    How to Place Fingers on the Fingerboard to Change Pitches
    Chapter Two: Being Prepared Prior to the Start of the School Year
    Making a List
    Selecting a Method Book
    How to Evaluate the Selected Method
    Programmed Texts and Sequences
    It's Time to Do the Math
    Learn to Model the Content of the Method Book
    Learn to Model Technique for Both Left & Right Hands
    Learn to Model Posture
    Learn to Make a Sound with a Pick, the Thumb and Alternate Fingers
    Learn to Change a String
    Learn to Tune a Guitar
    Have Lesson Plans for the First Quarter
    Have Handouts Ready for Printing
    Know Exactly What Will Be Covered in the First Week of School
    Why Give Pre-tests?
    Know Exactly What Will Be Covered in the Second Week of School
    Have a Curriculum Map for the Entire School Year
    Prepare a Class Handbook and Have it Printed and Ready to Distribute
    Check All Equipment is in Place and in Working Order
    Have Chairs and Stands in Place to Match Seating Chart
    Chapter Three: Organizational Ideas
    Public School Structure
    Structuring a Guitar Program for Longevity
    The Middle School Model: The Three-Year Plan
    Semester Versus Yearlong Classes
    The Year-Long Model
    The Semester-Long Model
    High School Models
    Ideal High School Schedule
    Block Schedule
    Backwards Assessment
    Backwards Assessment Model: Level 1 Beginning Guitar
    Beginning Guitar - List View - All Objectives
    Consider the Assessment Model
    Consider Using Music Prodigy
    Daily Routines
    Chapter Four: A Potpourri of Practical Ideas and Simple Thoughts
    Slow Down!
    Engage Your Students Before the Teaching Begins
    Are Your Students Listening?
    One Ounce of Technique
    Beginners Are Not Ready to Tune a Guitar
    Get Your Drums On
    Learn Their Names!
    The Shorter, the Better!
    Collaborative Learning
    Dreaming to be a Rock Star
    Not All Guitar Students are Rockers
    Practice Makes Permanent
    New Students in January?
    Make Friends with the Custodians and Counselors
    Just Heard a Classical Guitar CD and Want to Learn to Play Guitar
    Incorporate Ensemble Playing Early On
    What is the Classroom Lifespan of a Guitar?
    Ten Professional Suggestions
    Ten Quick Things to Make a Guitar Class Most Successful
    Advice for Teaching Beginning Guitar: Ten Things to Make Life Easier
    Chapter Five: Lesson Plans, Curriculum, Objectives and Standards
    Why Lesson Plans?
    What is Curriculum?
    Where to Find Guitar Curriculum for Each State
    Beginning Guitar Course Scope and Goals
    Beginning Guitar Course Structure
    National Standards for Music Education
    Chapter Six: Philosophy of Classroom Guitar Teaching
    Learn to Play Guitar
    Do Not Have Time to Learn to Play the Guitar
    Observations and Experience
    How Does a Guitar Class Look?
    Ten Contributors to Determine How a Guitar Class May Appear
    Variations of How a Guitar Class May Look
    What Brings on Change?
    Learning Guitar is Fun!
    Teaching Guitar as a Harmonized Instrument
    College Ready?
    Chapter Seven: Applying the 80/20 Rule
    What is the 80/20 Rule?
    What Does the 80/20 Rule Have to Do with Teaching Guitar?
    The Conventional Path
    What to Teach and When to Teach It?
    24 Hours a Day
    Organizing the List
    Applying the 80/20 Rule to Self-Learning
    Chapter Eight: Quarter One: The Timeline
    The Schoolyear is About to Start
    Week One
    Why Give Pre-Tests?
    Eight Objectives for Beginning Guitar for Month One
    Backwards Assessment Model
    Parts of the Guitar Pre-test
    Calendar and Timing
    Guitar Body Parts-Answers
    Answers to History of the Guitar Pre-test
    History of Guitar Pre-test
    Week Two
    Week Three
    Week Four
    Week Five
    Week Six
    Common Mistake Beginniners Make in This Stage
    Objectives for Month Two
    Seven Objectives for Beginning Guitar for Month Two
    Week Seven
    Week Eight
    Week Nine
    Chapter Nine: Quarter Two: The Timeline
    Quarter Two Begins: Week Ten or Quarter 2, Week 1
    Week Eleven: Quarter 2, Week 2
    The Right Hand
    Songs Using the Fourth String
    Week Twelve: No Teaching November or Quarter 2, Week 3
    Combining the Fourth String with Strings One, Two, and Three
    Ensemble Music
    Week Thirteen: Quarter 2, Week 4
    Eighth Notes
    Week Fourteen: Quarter 2, Week 5
    Week Fifteen: Quarter 2, Week 6
    Protruding Thumbs
    Week Sixteen: Quarter 2, Week 7
    Ensemble Playing
    Sixth String
    Holiday Music
    Week Seventeen: Quarter 2, Week 8
    Prepare for Mid-Term Exams
    Week Eighteen: Quarter 2, Week 9
    Last Week Before Mid-Term
    Chapter Ten: Quarter Three: The Timeline
    Quarter Three Begins: Week Nineteen or Quarter 3, Week 1
    Combo Series
    Week Twenty: Quarter 3, Week 2
    Week Twenty-One: Quarter 3, Week 3
    Week Twenty-Two: Quarter 3, Week 4
    Playing in 3/8 and 6/8 Time
    Week Twenty-Three: Quarter 3, Week 5
    Dotted Quarter/Eighth Note Rhythm
    Week Twenty-Four: Quarter 3, Week 6
    Eighth Notes with Alternating Picking
    Duple and Triple Meters
    Week Twenty-Five: Quarter 3, Week 7
    Blues Form
    Eighth Notes with Alternating Picking
    Week Twenty-Six: Quarter 3, Week 8
    ABA Song Form
    Additional Materials
    Week Twenty-Seven: Quarter 3, Week 9
    Basic Strumming Patterns
    End of Quarter Three
    Chapter Eleven: Quarter Four: The Timeline
    Quarter Four Begins: Week Twenty-Eight of Quarter 4, Week 1
    Last Week of Month Seven
    Key of G
    Week Twenty-Nine: Quarter 4, Week 2
    Week Thirty: Quarter 4, Week 3
    Exploring the Guitar Neck
    Moveable Major Scales
    Week Thirty-One: Quarter 4, Week 4
    Power Chords
    Daily Warm-up
    Week Thirty-Two: Quarter 4, Week 5
    Position Playing
    Second Position
    First or Open Position
    Fifth Position
    Supplementary Materials
    Week Thirty-Three: Quarter 4, Week 6
    The History of the Guitar
    Two Octave Scales: The First Step
    Week Thirty-Four: Quarter 4, Week 7
    Final Exams
    Two Octave Scales
    Moveable Barre Chords
    Participate in a Performance
    Supplementary Materials
    Week Thirty-Five: Quarter 4, Week 8
    Relationship between Music and Other Disciplines
    Musical Terms
    Week Thirty-Six: Quarter 4, Week 9
    Last Week of School
    The Wrap Up
    Chapter Twelve
    Dailey Procedures
    Taking Attendance
    Single Notes
    What Did We Do Today?
    Course Scope for the Beginning Guitar Class
    Curriculum Map
    It's Summertime!