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Sylvius 4 Online

An Interactive Atlas and Visual Glossary of Human Neuroanatomy

S. Mark Williams and Leonard E. White

01 May 2013

ISBN: 9780878939695


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Sylvius 4 Online provides a unique Web-based learning environment for exploring and understanding the structure of the human central nervous system.

  • ACCESS CODE REQUIRED. Purchase at: http://register.dashboard.oup.com
  • Features fully annotated surface views of the human brain, as well as interactive tools for dissecting the central nervous system and viewing fully annotated cross-sections of preserved specimens and living subjects imaged by magnetic resonance.
  • Incorporates a Visual Glossary, a searchable database of more than 500 neuroanatomical terms concisely defined and visualized in photographs, magnetic resonance images, and illustrations from the textbook Neuroscience.

Table of Contents

    Surface Anatomy Atlases—Provide a visual introduction to the location and names of the major external features and subdivisions of the human brain
    Photographic Atlas: Digitally enhanced photographic images of a human brain specimen
    Magnetic Resonance Image Atlas: High-resolution 3D reconstructions of a human brain specimen illustrating the major surface features
    Brainstem Model: 3D views of a widely used model illustrating the surface features of the brainstem as well as the location of cranial nerve nuclei
    Sectional Anatomy Atlases—Allow the user to explore the internal organization of the brain
    Photographic Atlas: Allows the student to virtually dissect a human brain specimen in the three standard planes (coronal, axial, and sagittal)
    Magnetic Resonance Image Atlas: High-resolution in vivo atlas comprised of coronal, axial, and sagittal sections, newly expanded to include complete series of sections in each anatomical plane
    Brainstem and Spinal Cord: A high-resolution, cross-sectional histological atlas of the human spinal cord and brainstem, allowing students to examine principal tracts and nuclei
    Pathways—Allows students to follow the flow of information in several important long-tract pathways of the central nervous system
    Visual Glossary-Searchable glossary providing visual representations, concise anatomical and functional definitions, and audio pronunciation of neuroanatomical structures
    High-resolution color digital images of human brain specimens and sections
    Zoom feature for detailed inspection of brain images
    Notes feature: user can type notes for any selected structure; notes are automatically saved in the user's account; ideal for capturing course-specific annotations to Sylvius's definitions
    Audio pronunciation of neuroanatomical terms
    Self-quiz mode
    Image mark-up tools
    Image orientation reference

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