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Theory, Practice, Implementation

Second Edition

David Mackay, Mikko Arevuo, and Maureen Meadows

27 March 2023

ISBN: 9780192845399

696 pages

Price: £52.99

Insightful, empowering, and with implementation at its core: this text will teach you how to think, talk, and act like a strategist.



A comprehensive, accessible and insightful guide designed specifically for students on a strategy or strategic management course. This text puts the implementation of strategy centre stage in order to empower tomorrow's business professionals to think, talk, and act like a strategist.

  • The book with the greatest focus on implementing strategy.
  • Practitioner Insights - one-to-one videos with practitioners filmed specifically for this project - showcase strategy in the real world.
  • Offers the most diverse range of examples and case studies, from small, medium, and large organizations in a range of industries over five continents.
  • Covers all strategic theories, models, and approaches required at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • Includes detailed coverage of the latest advancements in reflective strategy, sustainability, digitization, disruption, and innovation to equip students with the most up-to-date understanding of strategic thinking.
  • Provides the most dynamic and flexible approach to teaching and learning strategy through a research-supported Process-Practice Model of Strategy, which puts practitioners at its centre.

New to this edition

  • A new chapter on the sustainable strategic organization enables students to understand what sustainability means and how it influences strategy making.
  • Increased coverage of digital transformation, responding to digital disruption and the need for effective management of strategic technologies.
  • Extended coverage of political influences, including an expanded discussion of stakeholder management as it relates to dynamic political capabilities.
  • Half of the case studies are new for this edition. They include Relativity Spaces strategic approach to growth, the rapid growth of Swedish company Happy Socks, and the rise of TikTok as a global, billion-user mobile app.
  • One-third of the practitioner insights are new for this edition, providing a greater diversity of perspectives into the implementation of strategy in real-world organizations.

About the Author(s)

David Mackay, Professor of Practice, University of Strathclyde, Mikko Arevuo, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management Strategy, Cranfield University, and Maureen Meadows, Professor of Strategic Management, Coventry University

Dave Mackay is Professor of Strategy at the Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow. Previously he held business management roles in multi-national, SME and entrepreneurial start-up organizations in the UK. He has a continuing research interest in developing understanding of effective strategic management and organisational leadership practices, technologies and knowledge. As a practitioner, Dave has engaged with a wide range of private, public, and charitable organisations, supporting their strategy work and development of implementable, practical outcomes. Dave has taught and consulted internationally in locations including the USA, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, and the UAE.

Mikko Arevuo is Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at Cranfield School of Management. His background includes senior business practitioner experience in global financial services and management consulting; academic scholarship; and university, graduate, and executive-level teaching. His research and teaching interests are in strategy as managerial practice, competitive strategy, senior management and group decision-making processes, and the application of visual methods in organizational research. Mikko has also consulted widely in the public and private sectors including Fortune 500 companies as a facilitator providing evidence-based tools and frameworks to support strategic decision-making processes. A native of Finland, Mikko earned his BA in Economics from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and his MBA and PhD from Cranfield University.

Maureen Meadows is Professor of Strategic Management at the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University. Formerly with the Open University Business School and Warwick Business School, Maureen's research interests include the use of strategy tools such as scenario planning and visioning by senior managers, and the post-merger integration phase following M&A deals. With a background in mathematics, statistics, and operational research, Maureen has many years' experience of working with 'big data' and customer analytics, both as a practitioner in the financial services sector and as an academic. She has published on the progress and problems experienced by organisations working on strategic projects such as market segmentation, relationship marketing, and customer relationship management.

Table of Contents

    Part 1 Defining strategy meaning, process, and outcomes
    1:Interpreting strategy
    2:A process-practice model of strategy
    3:Strategic decision-making in organizations
    Part 2 Enhance knowledge of context
    4:The sustainable strategic organization
    5:External environment: macro, industry, and competitive settings
    6:Internal environment: resources, capabilities, and activities
    Part 3 Debate how to scope, compete, and perform
    7:Corporate strategy and structure
    8:Strategies for achieving competitive advantage
    9:Functional strategy and performance
    Part 4 Shape strategy to context and objectives
    10:Strategies for growth
    11:Innovation, disruption, and digitalization
    12:Competing in a globalized world
    Part 5 Activate and sustain strategic performance
    13:Leading strategic change initiatives
    14:Strategic leadership for an ever-changing world


"A highly engaging and empowering strategy text that aims to help students get into the mind of a strategist." - Dr Andrew Wild, University of Nottingham

"Clear, well-written, and with theory and practice interwoven throughout: this is a compelling narrative that flows well and is full of interest. Highly recommended." - Dr Mark Crowder, Manchester Metropolitan University

"The best text about the issues, tools, practice, and implementation of strategy." - Professor Ian Finlayson, European School of Economics

"This is an excellent and comprehensive text which covers all theories and conceptual frameworks in strategic management." - Dr Azhdar Karami, Bangor University