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Sophocles' Electra


Hanna M. Roisman

23 April 2020

ISBN: 9780190461393

248 pages

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Sophocles' Electra is a riveting play with a long and varied reception. Its nuanced treatment of matricidal revenge with all the questions it raises and its superb poetry have all contributed to making this one of Sophocles' most admired plays. This text and commentary provides students with all the essential information to appreciate Sophocles' complex tragedy.

  • A commentary geared for both students at the advanced intermediate level
  • Features a running vocabulary including succinct, user-friendly philological information and a direct help with syntax

About the Author(s)

Hanna M. Roisman, Professor of Classics, Colby College

Hanna Roisman is Arnmold Benhard Professor of Arts and Humanities at Colby College. Her main publications are Encyclopedia of Greek Tragedy, (EGT) (editor), Commentaries on Euripides' Alcestis and Electra (with C.A.E Luschnig), Sophocles' Philoctetes, as well as Nothing Is As It Seems: The Tragedy of the Implicit in Euripides' Hippolytus. She has also written on Homeric Epics as well as on Classical Reception in films. She is a recipient of research fellowships in the US and overseas.

Table of Contents

    Lexical Analysis
    Text and Notes
    Irregular (and Unpredictable) Principal Parts
    Metrical analysis