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Solfege and Sonority

Teaching Music Reading in the Choral Classroom

David J. Xiques

28 August 2014

ISBN: 9780199944354

192 pages

Price: £29.49



Solfege and Sonority is a guide for teaching music literacy in a choral rehearsal, with a focus on the needs of teachers who work with young singers. Longtime choral director and teacher David J. Xiques outlines 18 easy-to-use lessons for teachers and conductors and ties the lessons to the teacher's current repertoire.

  • Teaches music theory and literacy skills simultaneously
  • Provides short, concise exercises
  • Lessons are centered on performance music already in use
  • Includes many repertoire examples for younger treble choruses

About the Author(s)

David J. Xiques, Associate Professor of Music, The School of Music and Dance, San Francisco State University, USA

David J. Xiques is Associate Professor of music in the School of Music and Dance at San Francisco State University, where he teaches ear training and musicianship classes and directs the University Chorus and Chamber Singers. His teaching experience includes 15 years in K-12 choral, junior and high school band, choral, and general music classes. A Kodály specialist, he teaches at the Kodály Summer Certification Program at New York University in New York City. He is also a professional tenor who performs with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, for which he also serves as assistant chorus director. Mr. Xiques is a frequent choral clinician and presenter at professional music conferences.

Table of Contents

    Music Vocabulary
    Building a Foundation
    Lesson 1: Teaching drm
    Lesson 2: Introducing the treble clef and letter names
    Lesson 3A: Teaching quarter note and two eighth notes
    Lesson 3B: Teaching quarter note, 2 eighth notes and quarter rest
    Lesson 4: Combining melody and rhythm on the staff
    Lesson 5A: Teaching s
    Lesson 5B: Teaching fs together
    Pause and Reminders
    Lesson 6: Teaching half note
    Lesson 7: Teaching whole note
    Lesson 8: Teaching l
    Lesson 9: Teaching f
    Lesson 10: Teaching four sixteenth notes
    Lesson 11: Teaching high d
    Lesson 12: Teaching eighth note and 2 sixteenth notes
    Lesson 13: Teaching low l
    Lesson 14: Teaching t
    Lesson 15: Teaching dotted quarter note and eighth note
    Lesson 16: Teaching dotted eighth note and sixteenth note
    Lesson 17: Teaching low s
    Lesson 18: Teaching Minor
    Publishers and scores
    About the author


"A fabulous resource! David Xiques's pedagogical processes towards music literacy for young singers through outstanding choral literature are clear. His sequencing is invaluable for the conductor who wishes to approach masterful musicianship with beginning choirs." - Georgia A. Newlin, DMA, Adelphi University, Past President, Organization of American Kodaly Educators

"A thoughtful presentation of concepts that will be of use to teachers at many levels, Solfege and Sonority is the most coherent and broadly applicable pedagogy I have seen on this very important subject." - Joshua Habermann, Conductor, Dallas Symphony Chorus