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Smith, Hogan, and Ormerod's Criminal Law

Sixteenth Edition

David Ormerod CBE, QC (Hon) and Karl Laird

July 2021

ISBN: 9780198849704

1,224 pages

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Price: £42.99

The most authoritative and respected criminal law textbook from the leading minds in the field.



Smith, Hogan, & Ormerod's Criminal Law is rightly regarded as the leading doctrinal textbook on criminal law in England and Wales. Published in its first edition over fifty years ago, it continues to be a key text for undergraduates and an essential reference source for practitioners.

  • Regarded as the 'bible' of the subject, this first-class textbook offers a highly authoritative account of criminal law, and is frequently cited in court
  • A detailed exposition of the general principles of criminal law, helping students to understand this complex subject
  • Discussion of important academic literature is woven into each chapter helping to give a rounded understanding of the subject
  • Thorough online updates are provided annually
  • Also available as an e-book with functionality, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support

New to this edition

  • New features, including a table of contents at the start of every chapter to aid navigation and further reading at the end of every chapter to help students go further
  • Now includes coverage of modern slavery and terrorist offences
  • Includes all of the latest cases and developments, including Barton on dishonesty, Wallace and Broughton on causation, Lane and Letts on strict liability, Taj on intoxication and self-defence, Cheeseman on self-defence, Foy on diminished responsibility, and Lawrance and Attorney General's Reference (No 1 of 2020) on sexual offences

About the Author(s)

David Ormerod CBE, QC (Hon), Professor of Criminal Justice at University College London, and Karl Laird, Stipendiary Lecturer and Tutor in Law at St Edmund Hall, Oxford and a Barrister at 6KBW College Hill

Professor David Ormerod CBE, QC (Hon) is Professor of Criminal Justice at University College London, Deputy High Court Judge, and a Door Tenant at Red Lion Chambers.

Karl Laird is a Stipendiary Lecturer and Tutor in Law at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. He has also taught at the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge, and at the LSE. He is a Barrister at 6KBW College Hill.

Table of Contents

    PART I. General Principles
    1:An introduction to the criminal law
    2:The elements of a crime: actus reus
    3:The elements of a crime: mens rea
    4:Crimes of negligence
    5:Crimes of strict liability
    6:Parties to crime
    7:Assistance after the offence
    8:Corporate and vicarious liability
    9:Mental conditions, intoxication and mistake
    10:General defences
    11:Inchoate crime
    PART II. Particular Crimes
    13:Voluntary manslaughter
    14:Involuntary manslaughter
    15:Further homicide and related offences
    16:Non-fatal offences against the person
    17:Sexual offences
    20:Offences of temporary deprivation
    21:Making off without payment
    22:The Fraud Act 2006
    23:Other offences involving fraud
    24:Blackmail and related offences
    25:Burglary and related offences
    26:Handling and related offences
    27:Offences of damage to property
    28:Computer misuse offences (Online Chapter)
    29:Forgery (Online Chapter)
    30:Obscene communication and publication offences (Online Chapter)
    31:Offences against public order (Online Chapter)
    32:Selected road traffic offences (Online Chapter)
    33:Money laundering (Online Chapter)
    34:Offensive weapons (Online Chapter)


"An invaluable resource for both teaching and learning...great attention to detail and constructive and critical commentary" - Dr Susan Stokeld, Senior Lecturer in Law, Director of Learning & Teaching, University of Aberdeen

"Commonly regarded...as the authoritative text on criminal law" - Duncan Penny QC, barrister at 6KBW College Hill

"It remains one of the standards against which other textbooks are measured" - Dr David Hayes, Lecturer, University of Sheffield

Additional Resources

The sixteenth edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources.

The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features and links that offer extra learning support: www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/ebooks

A selection of online resources accompany this text, including:
- A selection of additional online chapters
- A full bibliography arranged alphabetically and by chapter
- Annual updates

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