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Selected Poems

Paul Verlaine
Translated and edited by Martin Sorrell

26 February 2009

ISBN: 9780199554010

368 pages

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Oxford World's Classics

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Verlaine ranks alongside Baudelaire, Mallarmé, and Rimbaud as one of the most outstanding poets of late nineteenth-century France. Remarkable not only for his delicacy and exquisitely crafted verse, Verlaine is also the poet of strong emotions and appetites, with an unrivalled gift for the sheer music of poetry, and an inventive approach to its technique. This parallel-text bilingual edition provides the most comprehensive selection of his poetry yet, offering some 170 poems in lively and fresh translations and providing a lucid introduction which illuminates Verlaine's poetic form within the context of French Impressionism and the poetry of sensation.

  • The only edition available
  • A bilingual parallel text edition
  • Superb translations of an important nineteenth-century French poet
  • The recent film of Rimbaud's life may have sparked interest in Verlaine too!

About the Author(s)

Paul Verlaine

Translated and edited by Martin Sorrell, Reader in French and Translation Studies, University of Exeter

Table of Contents

    Premiers vers
    Poemes saturniens
    Fetes galantes
    La Bonne Chanson
    Romances sans paroles
    Jadis et Naguere
    Chansons pour Elle
    Liturgies intimes
    Odes en son honneur
    Le Livre posthume
    Dan les limbres
    Poemes divers


In his sensitive and discerning introduction, Sorrell finds much of what ws to beomce the quintessentially Verlainaian hallmarks in the book: 'sensuality, a disposition to melancholy and to daydreaming, misty half-tones, and patterns of versification straining to break th stricter rules of French prosody. - Stephen Romer, Times Literary Supplement, Friday 19th May 00.

there has been no really substantial selection of Verlaine's work in English ... One of the pleasures this volume affords ia s prolonged chance to examin yet again, through the prism of translation, the different geniuses of the two langauges. Another is to rediscover, thanks to Sorrell's selection, a swath of Verlaine's later poetry, so often occluded in the classic anthologies. - Stephen Romer, Times Literary Supplement, Friday 19th May 00.