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Selected Dialogues

Translated by C. D. N. Costa

27 August 2009

ISBN: 9780199555932

304 pages

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Oxford World's Classics

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The Greek satirist Lucian was a brilliantly entertaining writer who invented the comic dialogue as a vehicle for satiric comment. This lively new translation is both accurate and idiomatic, and the introduction highlights Lucian's importance in his own and later times.

  • The Greek satirist Lucian is a key figure in later Greek literature, and was immensely influential on later European literature (Shakespeare used him as a source for Timon of Athens); he invented comic dialogue as a satiric tool.
  • This new translation is both accurate and idiomatic, and as entertaining as the original.
  • The introduction stresses Lucian's importance in his own and later times, making his writing of interest to students across a wide range of disciplines, not to mention TV sit-com scriptwriters.
  • The range of characters in Lucian's satires, from philosophers to courtesans, make them especially accessible to non-specialists.
  • Includes Lucian's most famous piece, A True History, a parody of popular travellers' tales that includes a trip to the moon, an interstellar war, and a whale so big that it contains populated land inside it.

About the Author(s)


Translated by C. D. N. Costa, Emeritus Professor of Classics, University of Birmingham

Table of Contents

    Praise of the Fly
    The Dream
    Icaromenippus, or High Above the Clouds
    The Death of Peregrinus
    Hermotimus or On Philosophical Schools
    Lovers of Lies, or The Sceptic
    How to Write History
    A True History I
    A True History II
    Dialogues of the Courtesans

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