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Russia in World History

Barbara Alpern Engel and Janet Martin

June 2015

ISBN: 9780199947898

176 pages

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New Oxford World History

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A lively introduction to Russia's dramatic history from its origins to the present, this volume concisely describes how its peoples overcame constant challenges, including devastating foreign invasions, to become an ethnically and religiously diverse land empire, the first communist society, and a major world power.

  • A concise introduction that covers the main trends of Russian history and peoples from the 9th to the 21st century
  • A narrative that provides the human dimension of Russian history through the accounts of leaders and commoners alike
  • An accessible text enlivened with the use of quotations from primary sources

About the Author(s)

Barbara Alpern Engel, Distinguished Professor of History, University of Colorado, and Janet Martin, Professor Emerita of History, University of Miami

Barbara Alpern Engel is a Distinguished Professor of History, University of Colorado.

Janet Martin is Professor Emerita of History, University of Miami.

Table of Contents

    Editors' Preface
    A Note on Dates and Names
    Chapter 1 The Formation of Russia: Slavs, Vikings and Byzantium
    Chapter 2 The Formation and Development of Muscovy 21240-1462)
    Chapter 3 Muscovy: The Late Ryurikids and Early Romanovs (1462-1689)
    Chapter 4 The Petrine Revolution (1689-1725)
    Chapter 5 The Triumph of Empire (1725-1855)
    Chapter 6 Reform and Revolution (1855-1905)
    Chapter 7 Wars and Revolutions (1905-1945)
    Chapter 8 Cold War and the Collapse of Communism (1945 to the present)
    Further Reading


"In this concise but wide-ranging book, Barbara Alpern Engel and Janet Martin provide a useful and engaging account of the course of Russian history from the earliest days of Slavic tribes down to the present ... In spite of its brevity, the work does not lack depth nor does it overly simplify Russia in its complexities and contradictions. Instead, it offers a sound foundation to anyone who is learning about Russian history for the first time ... [a] narrative with interesting stories and actors that — in addition to its brevity — make the work a useful, informative, and enjoyable read." - World History Connected

"Recommended." - W. G. Moss, CHOICE