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Ruptured Lives

Refugee Crises in Historical Perspective

Author Jesse Spohnholz, Series editor Jesse Spohnholz, and Series editor Clif Stratton

September 2020

ISBN: 9780190696214

176 pages

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About the Author(s)

Author Jesse Spohnholz, Professor of History and Director of the Roots of Contemporary Issues program, Washington State University, Series editor Jesse Spohnholz, and Series editor Clif Stratton

Jesse Spohnholz is Professor of History and Director of the Roots of Contemporary Issues program at Washington State University.

Table of Contents

    Each chapter ends with a Conclusion.
    List of Maps and Figures
    About the Author
    Series Introduction: Connecting the Past and Present
    Chapter 1. Reformation, Refugees, and the Creation of Europe
    The Creation of Christendom
    The Collapse of Christendom and the Age of Religious Wars
    The Creation of Europe
    Chapter 2. Colonialism, Refugees, and the Invention of America
    The Invention of America
    European Refugees in the Americas
    African Refugees in the Americas
    American Refugees in the Americas
    Chapter 3. Nation-States and the Refugee Crises of the Great War
    The Invention of Nation-States
    Multiethnic Empires during the Rise of Nation-States
    The Refugee Crises of World War I
    Refugees Crises after World War I
    Chapter 4. Self-Determination, Decolonization, and Asia's Postwar Refugee Crises
    The Emergence of Nationalisms in Colonial Palestine
    Refugee Crisis in Israel/Palestine
    The Emergence of Nationalisms in Colonial India
    Refugee Crisis in India/Pakistan
    Chapter 5. The Many Africas and Refugee Crises in Algeria, Uganda, and the Great Lakes
    Decolonization and the Refugee Crises of the Algerian War
    Decolonization, Africanization, and the Expulsion of Uganda's Asians
    Racialized Politics and Refugee Crises around Africa's Great Lakes


"Some of us love history for its own sake, but for most students the contents of a college history course seem detached, unrelated to their lives, even meaningless. Yet we are surrounded by the legacy of history. Everything around us" - policy, population, culture, economy, environment

"This is a truly innovative series that promises to revolutionize how world history is taught, freeing students and faculty alike from the 'tyranny of coverage' often embedded within civilizational paradigms, and facilitating sustained reflection on the roots of the most pressing issues in our contemporary world. Students' understanding of the importance of history and their interest in our discipline is sure to be heightened by these volumes that deeply contextualize and historicize current global problems." - Nicola Foote, Arizona State University

"Ruptured Lives delivers a clear, compelling, and well-written human perspective on the origins, development, and implications of refugee crises in world history." - Rebekah Klein-Pejsova, Purdue University