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Roman Lives


A Selection of Eight Lives

Translated by Robin Waterfield
Edited by Philip A. Stadter

11 September 2008

ISBN: 9780199537389

608 pages

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Oxford World's Classics

Price: £9.99


The companion volume to Plutarch's Greek Lives published in Oxford World's Classics in 1998, Roman Lives is a newly translated selection from Plutarch's rich, elegant and learned Lives, valued throughout the ages for their historical value and their charm. The lives included are those of Marcus Cato, Aemilius Paullus, The Gracchi, Marius, Sulla, Pompey, Julius Caesar and Anthony. Closely annotated with bibliographies, maps and an index, this is the ideal edition for all students of classical history.

  • Superb new translation
  • The most comprehensive selection available

About the Author(s)


Translated by Robin Waterfield
Edited by Philip A. Stadter, Falk Professor in the Humanities, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill