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Quantum Optics

An Introduction

Mark Fox

27 April 2006

ISBN: 9780198566731

400 pages

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Oxford Master Series in Physics

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Quantum optics: an introduction is a modern textbook written primarily for advanced undergraduate and masters level students in physics. In addition to standard topics, the text includes a broad range of topics in applied quantum optics such as laser cooling, Bose-Einstein condensation and quantum information processing.

  • Solutions manual available on request from the OUP website
  • Modern text on quantum optics for advanced undergraduate students
  • Explanations based primarily on intuitive physical understanding rather than mathematical derivations.
  • Strong emphasis on experimental demonstrations of quantum optical phenomena, in both atomic and condensed matter physics.
  • Broad scope of topics encompassing photon statistics, Hanbury Brown-Twiss experiments, squeezed light, Rabi oscillations, cavity QED, laser cooling, Bose-Einstein condensation, quantum information processing, quantum cryptography, quantum computing, entangled states, quantum teleportation.
  • Numerous worked examples included, together with 10-15 exercises per chapter.
  • Background chapters provided covering prior knowledge that has been assumed in revision format.
  • Six appendices included to supplement the main text.

About the Author(s)

Mark Fox, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Sheffield

Table of Contents

    Part I: Introduction and background
    2:Classical optics
    3:Quantum mechanics
    4:Radiative transitions in atoms
    Part II: Photons
    5:Photon statistics
    6:Photon antibunching
    7:Coherent states and squeezed light
    8:Photon number states
    Part III: Atom—photon interactions
    9:Resonant light—atom interactions
    10:Atoms in cavities
    11:Cold atoms
    Part IV: Quantum information processing
    12:Quantum cryptography
    13:Quantum computing
    14:Entangled states and quantum teleportation
    A:Poisson statistics
    B:Parametric amplification
    C:The density of states
    D:Low dimensional semiconductor structures
    E:Nuclear magnetic resonance
    F:Bose—Einstein condensation


"'Fox has done a remarkable job at picking the key topics from a broad field. A genuinely interesting experiment in undergraduate education could be put together on the basis of Fox's textbook.' Physics Today, September 2007"

"This is a modern text on quantum optics for advanced undergraduate students. It provides explanations based primarily on intuitive physical understanding, rather than mathematical derivations. The book also includes worked examples and exercises." - CERN Courier

Additional Resources

A solutions manual is available for this title. Please click here to order your copy.

A solutions manual is available for this title. Please click here to order your copy.

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