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Quantum Confined Laser Devices

Optical gain and recombination in semiconductors

Peter Blood

October 2015

ISBN: 9780199644520

432 pages

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Oxford Master Series in Physics

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This book is intended to take students, final year undergraduates and graduates, and researchers along the path to understand quantum processes in semiconductors, and to enable them, as researchers, to contribute to further advances and inventions.



This book is intended to take students, final year undergraduates and graduates, and researchers along the path to understand quantum processes in semiconductors, and to enable them, as researchers, to contribute to further advances and inventions.

  • Solutions manual available on request from the OUP website
  • Consistent pedagogical treatment of both quantum dot and quantum well structures.
  • Includes many examples, exercises, and problem sets.
  • Provides the basis for project and research work.
  • Gives insight beyond that of descriptive accounts found in most undergraduate texts.

About the Author(s)

Peter Blood, Honary Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University

Peter Blood received a PhD degree from the University of Leeds, UK and subsequently worked at Philips Research Laboratories, Redhill, UK on aspects of the electrical properties of semiconductors, spending some time as a visitor at Bell Laboratories at Murray Hill, NJ. Since 1983 he has been investigating the operation of semiconductor lasers and in 1990 he moved to the School of Physics and Astronomy in Cardiff University where the Group developed techniques for the observation of spontaneous emission from laser diodes as a means of probing their steady-state and dynamic behaviour, and amplified spontaneous emission techniques for the measurement of absorption, gain and spontaneous emission. As well as giving undergraduate and postgraduate lectures courses on laser diodes Peter Blood has given many short courses and review tutorials on quantum confined lasers at international conferences, including CLEO and the International Semiconductor Laser Conference.

Table of Contents

    1:The beginning
    Part I: The diode laser
    2:Introduction to optical gain
    3:The laser diode structure
    4:The planar waveguide
    5:Laser action
    Part II: Fundamental processes
    6:The classical atomic dipole oscillator
    7:Quantum mechanical interaction
    8:Quantum confinement
    Part III: Device Physics
    9:Gain and emission in quantum dots
    10:Rate equations for dot state occupation
    11:Optical transitions in quantum wells
    12:Gain and recombination current in quantum wells
    13:Rate equations for laser operation
    Part IV: Device Operation
    14:Device Structures
    15:Threshold and the light-current characteristic
    16:Temperature dependence of threshold current
    Part V: Studies of gain and recombination
    17:Measurement of gain and emission
    18:Single pass measurement of gain and emission


"This book is evidently written by an exceptional scientist with exceptional knowledge, a fact which is clearly visible to any reader. ... [T]his is an extraordinary book, which sets new standards. Everybody who deals with diode lasers on a level beyond pure applications should own this book, which I firmly recommend." - Jens W. Tomm, Journal of Applied Crystallography

"This book is warmly welcomed as the first textbook devoted to quantum confined laser devices. Its author is a highly respected researcher who is also strongly committed to teaching. Now a wide audience can profit from the experience and expertise that Peter Blood has gained in researching and teaching semiconductor laser physics." - K. Alan Shore, Optics & Photonics News

"This volume provides a very readable account of the theory and practical implementation of recent advances in laser diode technology with emphasis on those incorporating quantum confined structures such as quantum wells and quantum dots. Students in the final year of an undergraduate course and those reading for a PhD in any aspect of laser physics, optoelectronics or semiconductor device physics and engineering will find here an invaluable source of up-to-date information on this important field replete with exercises and detailed references to the literature." - Colin Webb MBE FRS, University of Oxford

"This book is a clear, complete and wonderfully written text on quantum confined semiconductor lasers, authored by one of our senior and most respected colleagues. It will likely be your sole and primary reference for years to come." - James Coleman, University of Texas at Dallas

"This is without doubt the most comprehensive publication on semiconductor lasers. It fulfils the role of being an excellent text book for students and a superb reference book that every laser physicist will want on their shelves." - Gareth Parry, Imperial College, London

"Peter Blood's masterful account of semiconductor lasers is a very worthy addition to the Oxford Masters Series. The text captures the comprehensive knowledge of the author, and its particular focus on quantum confinement gives it a highly modern perspective." - Mark Fox, University of Sheffield

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A solutions manual is available for this title. Please click here to order your copy.

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