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Public Relations Writing

Third Edition

James Mahoney

30 November 2017

ISBN: 9780190304652

304 pages

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Good public relations writing should be clear, concise, inspiring, informative, active and ethical. Employers expect highly competent professional writing from new and experienced employees, Public Relations Writing teaches readers to write quality and relevant content for all public relations tools.

  • The Australian perspective means lecturers don't have to supplement the book with additional material to support students
  • Practical focus - includes activities and practical tasks to help students develop their PR writing skills
  • The resources provided in the Toolkit are used in the activities and practice tasks as examples of the tools practitioners use to research and plan for public relations strategy and to write and implement tactics
  • New chapters: Chapter 1: Digital Features highlights the challenges and opportunities of contemporary journalism. Chapter 14: Investigative Journalism introduces students to investigative journalism and the benefits of being able to discover untold or hidden stories and information
  • Part C: Reviews is devoted to the diversity of writing reviews for an increasingly digital audience

About the Author(s)

James Mahoney, Former Head of the Communication Discipline, University of Canberra

James Mahoney: former Head Communication Discipline, Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra

Table of Contents

    Using this book
    Public relations toolkit
    2:Contexts for Public Relations
    3:Research and Planning for Public Relations
    4:Public Relations Goals and Objectives
    5:Developing and Writing Messages
    6:Writing and Placing a Media Release
    7:Writing for Social Media and the Web
    8:Interpersonal Communication
    9:Beyond the Mass News Media
    10:Communication within Organisations
    11:Getting a Job Done
    12:Writing a Public Relations Evaluation Plan
    A Reflection

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