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Public Law

Text, Cases, and Materials

Fourth Edition

Andrew Le Sueur, Maurice Sunkin, and Jo Eric Khushal Murkens

August 2019

ISBN: 9780198820284

904 pages

Text, Cases, and Materials

Price: £38.99

Public law in action: case studies and extracts from crucial sources alongside incisive commentary, which together bring the law to life.



Public Law Text, Cases, and Materials explores how the law works in practice. The key institutions, legal principles, and conventions that underpin the public law of the UK are brought to life through the inclusion of extracts from key sources, which are explained and critiqued by the authors.

  • The authors provide students with a thought-provoking and detailed analysis of the core issues in public law and set them in their political context to encourage a full understanding of the subject
  • Clear commentary and analysis is supported by carefully selected extracts from a range of sources, including academic writing, reports of parliamentary committees, and key judgments so that students have convenient access to and gain experience of studying different sources of information
  • Specifically designed learning features such as questions and mini case studies bring life to the law as well as helping to develop important analytical and interpretational skills

New to this edition

  • Up-to-date coverage of constitutional developments, emphasising the direct and indirect impact of Brexit
  • The table of contents has been restructured to create a separate Part V on the European Union, with a new chapter entitled 'Joining and leaving the European Union'

About the Author(s)

Andrew Le Sueur, Professor of Constitutional Justice, University of Essex, Maurice Sunkin, Professor of Public Law and Socio-Legal Studies, University of Essex, and Jo Eric Khushal Murkens, Associate Professor of Law, London School of Economics and Political Science

Table of Contents

    I. Constitutional Fundamentals
    1.: Introduction to constitutional fundamentals
    2.: Sources of the constitution
    3.: The legislative supremacy of the UK parliament
    4.: The rule of law
    5.: Separating and balancing powers
    6.: Multilevel governing: devolution and local government
    7.: Protecting rights
    II. Executive Functions
    8.: Introduction to executive functions
    9..: Government and accountability
    10.: Prerogative powers
    11.: Case study on the deployment of armed forces abroad
    III. Legislative Functions
    12.: Introduction to legislative functions
    13.: Primary legislation
    14.: Delegated legislation
    15.: Case study: constitutionally contested legislation
    IV. Judicial and Dispute Resolution Functions
    16.: Introduction to judicial and dispute resolution functions
    17.: The judiciary
    18.: Administrative justice: tribunals and ombudsmen
    19.: Judicial review
    20.: Using human rights in United Kingdom courts
    V. The European Union
    21.: Institutions of the European Union
    22.: Joining and leaving the European Union
    23.: European Union law in the United Kingdom courts


"Review from previous edition A really excellent account of the subject...a highly accessible, readable and engaging account of public law served up in a student friendly way." - Dr. Ed Bates, Public Law

Additional Resources

This book is accompanied by the following online resources:
-Multiple choice questions with answers for students to test their feedback
-Updates from the authors covering the latest developments in public law

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